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Monday, November 1, 2010

Seeking Contributors for Blog expansion!!

Posted by Ricky Chua On 12:31 AM 3 comments
Dear readers,

Thank you for your readership these past few months! As I strive to improve this blog further, I plan to increase the FAQ content in the hope of answering every ambiguity in this card game.

To do that, I need your help.

With the sheer volume of characters and cards in this game, the only way I can efficiently update all the FAQ section of every character and card is to gather a team of willing and voluntary contributors. Below are a list of contributor tasks that I am looking to gather:

1. Blog HTML designer - create a user-friendly design template that i can replicate for every card and character

2. Expert Players Council - To answer questions posed by readers whose answers are not found in FAQ

3. FAQ Raiders - Find frequently asked questions concerning a card/character that have already been answered by other experts. Note: These FAQ are usually in Chinese, so a strong command of Chinese is preferred.

4. SGS Online Contributors - Players who are very familiar with the SGS online game and can write an english guide for it on this blog.

5. ROTK History Buffs - Readers who are keen to contribute more to the historical significance of each character.

6. Expert Contributors - To post on auxiliary rules, unofficial characters and cards

Phew! What a long list!! I really do hope you can choose to help out if any of the above sounds interesting to you. All contributors will be credited accordingly in the contributed sections. If you have benefited from this blog, then I urge you to help others benefit even more from here!

Look forward to hearing from you! Till then... 杀!


  1. I haven't played very many games of SGS, but I have played Bang! for a good three years now, and the way the cards work are actually pretty similar. I'm fine with being either part of the Expert Player Council or the FAQ Raiders (my knowledge of Chinese is decent).

  2. hi, love your site, i've been wanting to contribute for a long time, how do i contact you?

  3. Red China & omglol: Thanks very much! Please contact me at :D


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