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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The New BlogShop! (Version 2)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:11 AM 4 comments
Finally, the new BlogShop is open! The changes featured in this updated version include:

- Region-specific prices to factor in the differences in postage fees.
- Prices in local currency
- Updated product information
- Easier Browsing

Screenshot of BlogShop Version 2

Now with this BlogShop, Singaporean buyers enjoy huge savings due to proximity! There is even a self-collect option to save you even more money on postage!

Happy shopping!!


  1. I just want to ask... is the expansion packs all 8 of the characters that are shown? And no dupes?

  2. yes all 8. no dupes.

    in fact its more than 8. the shiny card is a random character (that one most likely will duplicate from your existing characters), plus you may get 1 demi-god card.

  3. Hey, I'm trying to buy the Wood expansion from Canada. The listed price is $7.90 CAD, but when I add it to the cart it converts it to $7.90 USD. Its not a big deal, but paypal does give me this error "You may only add items denominated in US Dollars to this cart for this merchant. If you would like to purchase items using a different currency, remove all items from this cart and then add an item in your desired currency."

  4. Hi! Thanks for bringing that to my attention! There was a minor bug that i have already fixed. Please do test it again. It should work now. :D


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