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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cáo Rén 曹仁

Posted by Ricky Chua On 3:30 PM 22 comments
Translated description:
"The Great General 大将军 (dà jiāng jūn)"

Wikipedia link: Cao Ren Wiki

Who is he:
Every leader has their most loyal and trustworthy followers. Cao Ren was such a follower of Cao Cao 曹操. From Cao Cao's rise to power, till Cao Cao's death, Cao Ren was a formidable and trustworthy general in his camp that never once showed any signs of disloyalty nor surrender. In fact, Cao Ren saved Cao Cao's ass a couple of times. Yet it must be said that Cao Ren receives a lot less mention in the story than many other of Cao Cao's generals (such Xu Chu 许褚 and Dian Wei 典韦). Perhaps such is the fate of those who keep the world turning behind the scenes. Dr Goh Keng Swee was never as well known as Lee Kuan Yew was he?

Character ability: "Entrenched 据守 (jù shǒu)"
After the discard phase of your turn, you can draw an additional 3 cards from the deck. By doing so, you will skip your next turn.

(Skip your turn meaning no judgement, no drawing of cards, no using of any cards, nothing what-so-ever!)

Ability's relation to story:
This is an interesting one. There actually is one scene in the story where Cao Ren was entrenched in his city, pretty much helplessly on the defensive. When Guan Yu 关羽 attacked the city of Fan Cheng 樊城 where Cao Ren was situated, Guan Yu starved the city and flooded it by redirecting river flow. Despite the odds, Cao Ren kept his troops' morale up and held out till reinforcements came. This is probably where the "Entrenched" ability arises from. But if you ask me, it's kinda strange to base an ability on a dire circumstance! I'm not the biggest fan of this ability and i'm still researching (using Cao Ren as often as possible) on how to make this ability work to my advantage.

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - Riding out to rescue his own troops when they were losing the battle against Zhou Yu 周瑜. Right after the battle of Red Cliffs 赤壁之战, where Cao Cao got his ass whooped bad, Zhou Yu pressed on and attacked the city of Jiang Ling 江陵. Cao Ren was tasked to protect Jiang Ling and sent his aide Niu Jin 牛金 and 300 troops to defend, but these troops were losing the fight and could not escape. Cao Ren personally rode out to rescued them. His troops respect Cao Ren so much that after they exclaimed, "General, you are truly a man from Heaven!" This exclamation can be found in its original unabridged form on the card itself just below his character ability description "将军真天人也!"

2. Cause of death - At this current moment i'm not fully sure about the details of his death. All I can gather is that Cao Ren died of sickness at the age of 56. I did not manage to dig out any information about the sickness nor the circumstances surrounding his death. If anyone knows, please leave me a comment and share with all of us.

FAQ and Disambiguation 

1. If Cao Ren uses his ability and the lightning card comes to him on his next turn , does the lightning moves on to the next player? Or does it stay in front of him ?

Ans: The card will stay in front of Cao Ren throughout his entrenched ability till it his turn again .

2.  ''Entrenched '' ability description does'nt say  ''Flip Character Card 翻武将牌''  so i don't think Cao Pi's  ''Banish into Exile'' ability can flip Cao Ren's character card over

Ans: There has been an update on the YOKA FAQ to address the issue of Cao Ren / Cao Pi flipping cards


  1. Just to draw 3 cards and having to miss a turn, I rather not. More like a handicap than ability to me. LoL. Otherwise, I still prefer to be able to draw 2 cards and play in my next turn.

  2. The initial impression of most players is negative for Cao Ren. However he would make an extremely good safety net for any dying team mates. The additional 3 cards could possibly draw Peaches to save the RULER, for example.

    Also think about it this way. Say you are about to attack Cao Ren, who only has 1 health left but who just used his "entrenched" ability to draw 3 more cards. He now has 4 cards on hand. Chances are he can probably survive your attack. You may not think about wasting your attack on him... or maybe you would. No matter. Point is that it is also psychological advantageous to bring down the morale of the opponents.

  3. I forgot if you answered this question elsewhere, but if Cao Ren uses his entrenched ability, and then the lightning comes to him on his next turn, since he cannot do judgement, does that mean the lightning moves on? Or does it stay in front of him?


  4. Hi Ryan, all Time-delay tool cards stay in front of the character until one of these things happen:

    1. Judgement is made
    2. NEGATE is used
    3. The card is removed by someone else (via DISMANTLE, STEAL, etc)

    Therefore the card will stay in front of Cao Ren throughout his entrenched ability till its his turn again.

  5. hi, I'm pretty new to the game and i don't really understand why this guy's even usable :(

    can you give me pointers on how to use his entrenched ability efficiently ? thanks.

  6. Hi Killrain, this guy is not the most popular character to use, but he can be pretty powerful nonetheless. The added number of cards by using his ability can allow him to draw additional DODGE or PEACH or NEGATE. That can buy him time if he is dying, or out of desperation to save the ruler.

    Recently with the new Woods Expansion, he has become a lot more user friendly. Cao Pi can choose to null his "skip-a-turn" with his ability "Banish". This way Cao Ren can have many more cards AND still play without skipping his turn.

  7. @Ricky,
    "Entrenched 据守" is a good demonstration for your Stratagem 4: "Sit and Wait 以逸待劳". Personally i find it a good skill as u benefit (draw 3 instead of 2, dun need to discard excess cards) and ppl wun view u as a danger (at least not in your next turn since u cant do anything) You can choose this regardless of your role as well!

    as a "RULER 主公", when you predict the next turn is going to be peaceful for you. use it!
    as a "LOYALIST 忠臣", when u dun have a target and don't want to appear too offensive, use it!
    as a "REBEL 反贼", when no one reveals themselves yet and you are not strong to take on the "RULER 主公", use it!
    as a "DEFECTOR 内奸", spam this skill and watch the show until one side is losing badly!!!

  8. btw Ricky,
    "Entrenched 据守" doesnt say "Flip Character Card 翻武将牌" so i dun think "Cáo Pī 曹丕"'s "Banish into Exile 放逐" will nulify his "跳过你的下个回合 Skip your next turn" since "Entrenched 据守" doesn't say "Flip Character Card 翻武将牌".

  9. It is mentioned in forums that there has been an update on the YOKA FAQ to address the issue of Cao Ren/Cao Pi flipping cards.


    I must state that there is no direct evidence to point to an official clarification.

    It does seem that Cao Pi being able to flip Cao Ren is quite popular amongst the community.

  10. In reference to what Short fat guy said, Cao Ren was introduced before Cao Pi, due to the wind expansion pack being older than the wood expansion, and the flip character play wasn't introduced until the wood expansion was released. But what Cao ren's ability states matches exactly what Flip Character play represents.

  11. Apart from the obvious Cao Pi - Cao Ren Combo, Cao Ren can be a very good loyalist especially for rulers like Cao Cao. With a maximum of 7 cards on hand he can potentially have several NEGATES, PEACHES, or DODGES for Cao Cao.

  12. Agree. Personally i feel that advantage is not so great. That is because he is passive when he uses his ability. Thus as a support role, he is but a "warehouse" with unknown number of goodies (if any) to tap on.

  13. If Cao Ren has used his "entrenched" ability, can he skip the discard phase of his missed turn, too? It seems to logically follow that if he has to skip the entirety of his turn, to include both judgement and the drawing of cards, that he should get to skip the discard phase as well. I just want to make sure, though.

  14. is his ability basically the same as flipping his character over?

  15. No, when you flip your character, you have to discard cards if your hand cards excess your limit. But in using his ability, you dont have to discard your hand cards after your turn ends.

  16. If Cao Ren is at 1hp & have his character card flipped & he suffered 1 point of damage, does his character card remain flipped after being rescued from brink of death?

  17. Yes, he remains flipped.

  18. If Cao ten attacks cai wen Ji and she uses her ability and it flips him over can he still use his entrenched ability to flip his card back over and gain 3 cards without having to skip his next turn?

    1. Yes, if the judgement result of "Dirge" is spade. This forces Cai Wenji to think carefully to use "Dirge" or not. It is better if you have a judgement tinkerer as a comrade.

  19. I have the 2015 print of Cao Ren and his printed ability is notably longer than this one. But since I can't read Chinese I have no idea what it does, could anyone help me on that one? here's a pic:

  20. Can someone explain what flipping the character does? Is he just out for one turn? if not how long is he out for?


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