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Friday, August 6, 2010

Here's a little test you might want to conduct. Show this card to any random Chinese person, preferably aged 20 or older, and ask them which historical figure this weapon belongs to. Chances are they would recognize it as Guan Yu 关羽 or Guan Gong 关公's (his deity-fied name) weapon. In fact, most depictions of Guan Yu show him holding this weapon. The entire blade is said to weigh over 18 kilograms. It was forged together with Liu Bei 刘备's "Double Swords 双股剑" and Zhang Fei 张飞's "Serpent Halberd 丈八蛇矛" in Chapter 1 of the story. In the card game, the GREEN DRAGON CRESCENT BLADE is one of only two weapons that allows multiple ATTACK 杀 in one turn, making it a fairly popular weapon with players.

Attacking range: 3

Special ability:
When your target evades your ATTACK, you can choose to use another ATTACK immediately on the same target. This ability loops itself, meaning the when the second ATTACK is evaded, you can immediately use a third ATTACK, and so on. (For disambiguation of "evading" an ATTACK, please see the disambiguation section under "ROCK CLEAVING AXE 贯石斧")

Characters that match this weapon best:
For this weapon to be most effectively used, the character must be able to have a shit-load of ATTACK cards. This would mean characters such as Zhao Yun 赵云 and, of course, Guan Yu himself. Remember that once the damage is inflicted, you cannot use anymore ATTACKS. So the point is not to deal a mountain of damage (that is for the Zhu Ge Crossbow 诸葛连弩), but to deplete the target's DODGE 闪 cards for your team-mates to cut down.


  1. If Da Qiao's displacement ability is considered evaded, this means that we can repeatedly attack Da Qiao while she repeatedly displace the damage to other/s?

  2. Nope. Once she has used displacement, the attack target has changed and will no longer have anything to do with Da Qiao.

    Thus if attack has been displaced to player A, and player A dodges, the weapon ability is activated only against player A and can no longer affect Da Qiao.

  3. If my 1st "sha" is evaded by "dodge", can I play a "wine" + "sha" for the follow-up attack? From the weapon text, the follow-up attack is immediate so I'm curious whether there's a window of opportunity to insert a "wine".

  4. Ricky Chua said...

    if a player has the 青龙偃月刀 (qīng lóng yǎn yuè dāo) equipped and used an attack with wine, do the successive attacks that follow after the victim dodges still retain the 2 damage from the wine on the first attack?
    >>ANS: No. The wine is only attached to that 1 attack card that is is used with. The effects are not carried forward.

    if not, can the player play an attack card and when the victim dodges, play a wine with his next attack card to deal 2 damage?
    >>ANS: Yes. This is a common tactic used when you know your victim might have dodge. Don't waste your wine on the first attack, use it on the 2nd when chances are he is out of dodges.

  5. IIRC, only the first Sha can be used in combination with wine, if the target dodges, you can only follow up with more Sha and nothing else.


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