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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Xǔ Chǔ 许褚

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What's with the cartoon?
Xu Chu's ability is taken to the extreme in this adorable cartoon. Instead of being "Bare-chested", they drew him practically "butt-naked"! This is also because the words 裸衣 for his ability can be taken to mean "stripped of clothing"... and no, they did not mention to what extent he has to strip. 

Who is he:
Long-serving bodyguard of Cao Cao 曹操, Xu Chu was said to be a huge person. His height was about 2 meters and his waist 52 inches. Probably one of the 20 most famous characters in Romance of Three Kingdoms, he has significant air-time in the story for the many instances that stood forth to protect Cao Cao. His combat ability was reputed to be on par with Zhang Fei 张飞, Guan Yu 关羽 and company. His moment of glory came in the fictional account of him stripping off all his armour for his fight with Ma Chao 马超. This bravado mixed with insanity helped him secure a place in history.

Character ability: "Bare-Chested 裸衣 (luǒ yī)"
Xu Chu can choose to draw 1 card less in his drawing phase. If he chooses to do so, any ATTACK 杀 and DUEL 决斗 that he uses in the action phase results in 1 additional unit of damage to his opponent. Note that if Xu Chu loses the DUEL, he only needs lose 1 unit. But if he wins, the victim loses 2 units.

Ability's relation to the story:
In his duel with Ma Chao, the two generals were fairly matched for over a hundred rounds. Xu Chu then momentarily backs off, strips off all his armour, then goes back to continue the duel bare-chested! This act of madness is followed later by his discarding his sword and grabbing Ma Chao's spear under his armpit. The ensuing struggle snaps the spear in two. The two then hack at each other with their halves of the broken spear. No wonder that Ma Chao later describes Xu Chu as a tiger gone insane.

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - His strip-tease episode as mentioned above.

2. Cause of death - Xu Chu probably died of old-age. He served 3 generations of Cao Cao's family: under Cao Cao, followed by Cao Pi 曹丕 after Cao Cao's death, followed by Cao Rui 曹睿 after Cao Pi's death. His loyalty to the Cao family was unquestioned. He was then posthumously titled Zhuang Hou 壮侯 (Marquis of Strength).


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