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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear readers,

The next extension of the SGS English blog is to convert it into an App for Apple and Android phones. But i would much rather have a reader of SGS create it with me since you would know the ins-and-outs. 

Anyone out there create Apps?!?! Contact me!!

Here's the vision: There are 3 ways to search for SGS translations using the App.

A. Photo capture of card that needs translation
1. Activate the phone camera to be able to take a picture of any SGS card

2. Image recognition software to be able to recognize the card

3. The translation for that card is brought up immediately.

B. Browse the App through categories
1. "Browsing menu" shows categories "How to play", "cards", "characters", "expansions"

2. Mosaic of images of the cards appear. Select the card needed.

C. Search function
1. Be able to search the App using english as well as chinese characters.

The whole aim is to create an App for YOU. Do help out in making this an awesome App.

Have fun and 杀!


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