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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Páng Dé 庞德 (SP006)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 5:42 PM 5 comments
Translated Description:
“Carrying The Coffin 抬榇之悟(tái chèn zhī wù)”

Who is he?
An admirable man. He is Pang De,a brave fighter and an exceptional general living in the Three Kingdoms era. In his entire life, he changed rulers multiple times, but nobody questioned his loyalty. He proved his devotion with his own life: he fought against enemies valiantly, and he even carried his coffin into battle to show his courage (See Ricky’s write-up about him, the “Most famous achievement” part). Unlike Lu Bu 吕布, who also changed ruler quite often (because the idiot killed his own ruler before jumping ship), Pang De gains all the
valiant titles from the historians, which I guess proves his heroic personality. Lu Bu, on the other hand, gets titles such as “Brave but without cunning, violent but without benevolence”, titles worthy only for a short-sighted boar.

Why is he an SP character?
Because the previous drawing of him is too ugly!!! But no, ZYZ magazine simply chose to release several SP characters with different allegiance and portraits. Pang De is just another one of them. All the new designs are supposed to help complete the whole Three Kingdoms’ story. The original version of him is considered as a neutral hero, whereas this SP version represents his last days as a general of Wei Kingdom. Anyway, personally, I am really happy to see this “carrying coffin” version of Pang De, which makes him 30% cooler!

Character ability1: “Horsemanship 马术 (mǎ shù)”
You will always have a -1 distance advantage (default “-1 horse” equipped)

Character ability2: “Fearsome Advance 猛进 (měng jìn)”
Whenever your ATTACK 杀 is evaded by DODGE 闪, you can forcefully discard one of the opponents cards (on-hand or equipped). Note that you select the card for discarding and not the opponent.

Additional info based on changes:
Nothing special to say about this part. Both of his abilities are aggressive ones. Change of his allegiance really does not affect him too much. On the whole, his abilities are not cooperative with any Ruler Abilities and he could die early in the game from lack of defensives.

Wiki Links:
- Pang De Wiki

How to obtain this character?
He is not available on SGS online yet. For obtaining a card, purchase ZYZ magazine issue #7 (July 2011).

Contributing Writer:
- Cherry Cat


  1. Is the picture really that dark, or was there a mistake in scanning it?

  2. If Zhang Jiao dodged, can Pang De discard his cards before Zhang Jiao does the Lightning Judgement?

  3. If the SP Zhao Yun dodged with 龙胆, who gets to discard/ steal first?

  4. I believe in both cases Pang De is last. This would be because "Fearsome Advance" activates after the ATTACK is evaded (Chinese:"抵消") by the DODGE, implying that the ATTACK action sequence has concluded.
    In the case of Zhang Jiao, "Lightning Strike" activates as soon as he plays or uses the DODGE (Chinese:"使用或打出"), which logically must be before the ATTACK has been evaded by using the DODGE.
    SP Zhao Yun's "Formation Piercer" activates even earlier: as soon as he converts ATTACK/DODGE he can steal a card.

    So I guess the technical order would be:
    1. Have the card you intend to use (Convert an ATTACK into a DODGE)
    >SP Zhao Yun's ability
    2. Play/use the card (DODGE)
    > Zhang Jiao's ability
    3. Card takes effect (DODGE)
    > Pang De's ability

  5. So that also means that SP Zhao Yun can steal from Zhang Jiao before Zhang Jiao can even dodge (using a DODGE converted into ATTACK)...


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