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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Liú Bèi 刘备

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What's with the cartoon?
Liu Bei is the charitable one, constantly giving away all his cards and healing himself in the process. No wonder he is smiling so widely. By the way, his super long ears are actually described in the story.

Who is he:
The "good" guy. Liu Bei is the founding ruler of the Kingdom of Shu Han 蜀汉 during the Three Kingdoms Era. The impression of Liu Bei amongst people today depends on which side of the fence they are on. If they are fans of Shu Han and its chivalry, they would say Liu Bei was a benevolent leader, well-loved by his people. If they are not fans of Shu Han, they would say he was too soft and too kind. Either way, the fact is that you cannot possibly know Romance of the Three Kingdoms without knowing Liu Bei.

Character ability 1: "Benevolence 仁德 (rén dé) "
Liu Bei can give any amount of on-hand cards to any amount of players in his turn. If the total number of cards given away is 2 or more, the player regains 1 unit of health.

Character ability 2: [Ruler Ability] "Rouse 激将 (jī jiàng)"
As a RULER 主公, Liu Bei can ask any Shu 蜀 character that is in play to use an ATTACK 杀 card for him. The attack is considered as being "used" by Liu Bei even though the card itself comes from another player. This means the attack properties such as range and element is based on Liu Bei, not the player that issued the card. Of course, Shu characters in play can choose not to use an ATTACK card for him.

Ability's relation to Story:
Liu Bei is regarded as the benevolent leader in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, usually generous and kind to his followers. The ability to give cards to any player mirrors Liu Bei's generosity.

Matching weapon: "Gender Double Swords 雌雄双股剑 (cí xióng shuāng gǔ jiàn)"
Liu Bei's actual weapon in Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a "pair of ancient swords 双股剑" and does not have anything to do with gender. The word "gender 雌雄" was added by the game makers so as to give this weapon its gender specific ability.

Additional info based on Story:
1. Most famous achievement - Built up the Kingdom of Shu Han despite humble beginnings as a straw-weaver.

2. Cause of death - Official records is due to dysentery, though the legend goes that he fell sick due to despair and regret for his massive loss at the Battle of Yiling 夷陵之战. Prior to that battle, Liu Bei launched a massive attack on the Kingdom of Sun Wu 孙吴 against Zhu Ge Liang 诸葛亮's advice to avenge the death of his sworn brothers Guan Yu 关羽 and Zhang Fei 张飞. Liu Bei was eventually defeated by Lu Xun 陆逊 and loss nearly all of Shu Han's generals.


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