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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sūn Shàng Xiáng 孙尚香 (SP005)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:38 PM 2 comments
Translated Description
“Exceptional Marriage 梦醉良缘(mèng zuì liáng yuán)”

Who is she?
A beautiful young bride wearing a traditional red wedding dress, sitting in the bridal chamber smiling mysteriously at you. Through the red chiffons, you seem to be able to smell the faint aroma around the new wedding bed, is she waiting for someone? Oh, I forgot I am not writing an erotic novel! So this girl is the SP version of Sūn Shàng Xiāng 孙尚香, Sun Quan 孙权’s younger sister and  Liu Bei刘备’s second wife. You are probably very familiar with her and her abilities in SGS. But why did they totally change her appearance? Keep reading and find it out!

Why is she an SP character?
According to the designers of the SP characters, the female characters are always extremely popular and welcome among SGS players. That’s why they made a new version of Lady Sun. They didn’t just change her appearance, but also changed her allegiance from Wu to Shu. These two changes perfectly match both the story and the traditional custom in ancient China: From the moment she married Liu Bei, she no longer belonged to the kingdom of her birth. Makes you wonder then, if the normal Sun Shang Xiang is considered "single"... with cleavage showing and all it's no surprise!

Character ability1: “Marriage 结姻 (jié yīn)”
During the action phase, you can choose to discard 2 on-hand cards and pick any male character that is not at full-health. By doing so, both the male character and yourself will recover 1 unit of health each. Limited to only 1 use per turn.

Character ability2: “Warrior Lady 枭姬 (xiāo jī)”
Whenever any equipped card is removed from your equipped items area, you can immediately draw 2 cards from the deck.

(Note that 2 cards can be drawn for each equipped card that is removed. This applies also to changing the equipped item (ie: replacing one weapon with another weapon).

Additional info based on changes:
There is no doubt that this version of Sun Shang Xiang is stronger than the previous one because the cooperation between her and Liu Bei is more useful and efficient than the one between her and Sun Quan. That’s why she always gets the most attacks in the game (there is a saying in Chinese 红颜薄命 which means “A beautiful girl often leads an unfortunate life). Anyway, the guys should feel really lucky that no matter how her appearance changes, she still keeps her G-Cup. Woo hoo!

Note: according to the game designer, Sun Shang Xiang and SP Sun Shang Xiang won’t appear in the same game on SGS online. But for the off-line game there is no such limitation. And when SP Sun Shang Xiang uses PEACH 桃 to save her brother Sun Quan, he can no longer get an extra unit of health back.

How to obtain this character?
She is available on SGS online now! (Of course VIP only, or you can just buy it in SGS online market) For obtaining a card, purchase ZYZ magazine issue #6 (June 2011).

Wiki Link:
- Sun Shang Xiang Wiki

Contributing Writer:
- Cherry Cat


  1. 这张牌和普通孙尚香一样!

  2. They have different artwork and allegiances, which means they'll work differently with the Wu or Shu Ruler Abilities depending on which version you have. Anyway, I think the SP cards are just a money grab by Yoka Games.


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