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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hills Pack 山包 Expansion Pre-Order!

Posted by Ricky Chua On 9:35 PM 4 comments
I know you can't wait. The Hills Pack will be arriving by this weekend, but already i've been inundated with order requests.

There's nothing worse than waiting all this while, only to have the item run-out-of-stock before you get your hands on it. Therefore to be fair, I'm opening up this PRE-ORDER option for eager buyers.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE place your orders here instead of mailing me, because this is the only way I can assure you that I will not lose track of that favor you asked of me.

A few important things to note before buying:

1. All orders will have an additional $4.00 postage via tracked mail, regardless of where you are in the world

2. This pre-order is only limited to ONE EXPANSION PACK per pre-order. For orders more than 1 pack, please email me to arrange at

3. You can save $2.00 off this order if you choose not to have the Demi-God and Shiny cards. I will place the remaining cards together with the original wrapper in a sealed Ziploc bag. You can be assured the cards are original and in perfect condition. (Click on the drop-down menu under the word "Options" and select "Without DG and Shiny cards").

There are only limited pieces available for this 1st shipment due to tight supply, so pre-order now to avoid disappointment!



  1. Will you be selling the demi god cards from this expansion individually as well?

    I am planning to get all of em at once

  2. If sanguosha is based on the three kingdom story then why are there packs coming out more in the future if the three kingdom story is old

  3. Do you know of any places in Adelaide that sell expansion packs?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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