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Thursday, August 11, 2011

After many months as a literal "BlogShop", I have decided to revamp the whole site into a new E-commerce site known as...


There have been a few recent new products such as:

1. Hills Pack

2. Official SGS Card Sleeves/Protectors

3. Shiny Cards set (which, sadly, nobody bid for on eBay)

4. The "Final" Pack - which is the COMPLETE official SGS gameset with all expansions and a few additional free gifts as well.

5. The special Dong Zhuo health card with 8 or 9 units of health

Also in the pipeline is the beginning works for the very popular card game Feng Sheng 风声, based on the movie with the same name. Feng Sheng will be on sale on very soon!

Thanks for all your support! And hope to see you continuing to support!

Have fun and 杀!


  1. You're doing Feng Sheng as well? Is that the old version, or the new one (Emissary Crises)?

  2. I am playing Sanguosha online but i cannot understand chinese. Can anyone tell me what is the abilities does DemiGod Lu Bu have in 1vs3 ?
    (the one with 8 life and the other with 4 life)

  3. Lu Bu (stage 1) 8 blood
    - he always has a -1
    -when he attacks the target needs two escapes and when he duels the target needs two attacks
    -when his blood is reduced to 4 or less he immediatly changes to second stage
    (stage 2) 4 blood
    -he has the same powers as stage 1
    -at the begining of the turn, he can discard a hand card to remove a pending card of the same suit.
    -He can draw 2 more cards and his hand limit is +2
    - when he does not have a weapon, his attacks can target up to 3 targets.


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