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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Since all 8 "normal" characters of the Hills Pack has been translated, the Characters and Expansions tabs have been duly updated. You can now browse the tabs to search for these characters.

I have also re-shuffled the Expansions tab such that it is in reverse chronological order. Which means the expansion pack that is on the top of that page would be the Hills Pack, followed by the OKF pack, etc.

Hope you readers are enjoying your Hills Expansions massively!

Have fun & 杀!


  1. will you translate more unofficial packs? like 军争2 and 神兵扩充

  2. There are still a bunch of unofficial packs, like 仙, 魔 , and 黄巾之乱. When are you going to translate them?

  3. The new Demi-Gods aren't on the Character page. And did you translate Demi-God Zhao Yun 神赵云?

  4. There is a post about DG Zhao Yun which is below.

    Demi God Zhao Yun 2 blood
    -In his drawing phase he draws the number of blood he has lost +2. His hand limit is always +2.
    -He can use X cards of the same suite to:
    heart- peach
    diamond- fire attack
    club- escape
    spade- negate
    X is his current blood but always >1

  5. DG Zhao Yun is the last one before all is complete. I will include the 2 DGs into the pages once translated.

  6. How about SP characters? Will they be translated? I cant wait.. =)


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