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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Zhāng Hé 张郃

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:59 PM 27 comments
Translated description:
The Military Clairvoyant 料敌机先 (liào dí jī xiān)

Who is he:
There are those who analyze volumes of data before they can predict the future, and then there are those talents who only need to follow their gut instinct. Zhang He was one of those talents, and his predictions were sometimes more accurate than the scholarly military advisers. Widely regarded as one of the five most elite generals in the Wei Kingdom 魏国, Zhang He stood shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Xu Chu 许褚, Zhang Liao 张辽 and Xu Huang 徐晃 just to name three. But some say Zhang He was the most outstanding amongst all five elites. His military career spanned a staggering 47 years and his military predictions outdid even the infamous Sima Yi 司马懿.

For a taste of his abilities, Zhang He crushingly defeated one of Shu Kingdom 蜀国's strongest generals and sent Zhuge Liang weeping as this defeat general of his was to be executed. Does this story ring a bell?

Character ability: “Flexibility 巧变 (qiǎo biàn)”
You can discard one one-hand card to skip one of your phases (excluding beginning phase and ending phase).

If you skip your drawing phase using this method, you draw 1 on-hand card from a maximum of two other players.

If you skip your action phase using this method, you can relocate a card (in the equipment area or in the pending judgement area) from its original location to another identical location.
(e.g. relocating a weapon from Player A’s equipment area to Player B’s equipment area, or relocating the ACEDIA that is pending judgement from Player A’s pending area to Player B’s pending area).

Ability's relation to story:
This ability seems to relate strongly to the word "Flexibility" instead of how it applies to Zhang He. The phrase “巧变” comes from the description “张郃以巧变为称 (Zhang He was famed for his flexibility)”, and suits the historical Zhang He in two ways. Firstly, Zhang He was able to predict his enemies’ moves, and use various tactics to defeat them. Secondly, he served multiple warlords before he joined the Wei forces, so he was “flexible” in terms of allegiance. Yet it seems that neither these are very congruent to the ability in this character card. No matter. We're still glad that his abilities make him a huge asset to any team!

Additional info based on story:
Most famous achievement - Defeating Ma Su 马谡 in the Battle of Jie Ting 街亭之战. As an experienced general, Zhang He found out the fatal mistake of Ma Su easily. He cut off Ma Su’s troops from the water supply, and he defeated Ma Su's thirsty force easily. By conquering Jie Ting, Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮's strategy was upended... and boy was he pissed! As a consequence, Ma Su had to be executed by Zhuge Liang for that huge defeat.

Cause of death - Struck by an arrow in Mumen Trail 木门道. When Zhuge Liang retreated in his fourth expedition to the North, Zhang He pursued the Shu troops under the order of Sima Yi 司马懿. Zhang He had warned Sima Yi that an ambush by the Shu forces was very likely, but Sima Yi urged Zhang He to press on. Tragically, Zhang He was right. When he entered the narrow pass in Mumen Trail, the Shu troops set off their ambush and Zhang He was struck by a crossbow to his right knee. He died from that wound, possibly due to inflammation.

Wiki link:
Zhang He Wiki


  1. can he choose to skip BOTH, similar to Xiahou Yuan??

  2. I am a Big Fan of the Novel ROMANCE OF THREE KINGDOM :-D And i had just take a look at the novel again. In the Novel, it was Zhang He who Volunteer to Go after the army of shu, and had Sima Yi had warn him that an ambush by the Shu forces was very likely and advice him to be extra careful. :-D

    Information from the ZhangHe Wiki is not accurate :-p

    1. Actually, it's rather the novel itself that is inaccurate. SGYY switched it around - the Zhang He wiki is referring to SGZ/history, not the novel :-p

  3. Yes he can skip both of his phases to do both parts of the power. To do this he will have to use a card for each part however. So he would lose a card then take two from other(s). Then he can use a hand card to switch around the cards.

  4. ^No he can only skip ONE of his phases. he cannot skip both.

    ^Jason: I see. Thanks very much for that info! We shall check and make the updates! :)

  5. As I read it, it is similar to Xiahuo Yuan. Although it does not say you can skip both, it does not say that you cannot. It says the same thing (in Chinese) for Xiahuo Yuan and he can skip multiple phases.

  6. The manual said he can skip multiple phases if he wants to.

  7. can he skip judgement phase?

  8. ^ Yes. He can skip judgement phase and/or discard phase as long as you have on-hand cards to be spent.

  9. How would switching lightening work? If player A played lightening on his last turn (meaning it would take one round for the lightening to start moving around the table) and this lightening was switched to player B, would player B have to do the judgement immediately on their next turn, or would they wait one round? I would think that they would have to do the judgement immediately on their next turn, but I just wanted to check.

  10. If a time delay tool card like Acedia is played on Zhang He, does tt mean tt when it's his turn, he can
    (1) Discard 1 hand card to skip judgment phase & then
    (2) Discard 1 hand card to relocate the Acedia 2 another player?

  11. ^^ They would have to do the judgement at the judgement phase, which is after the beginning phase.

    ^ Yes, you are right. Given that he has on-hand cards, he is immune to all time-delay tool cards.

  12. Ok, I've just got my SHAN bao from Ricky's shop.

    1) Zhang He CAN skip multiple phases if he has the cards to discard.

    2) There is actually no delay for LIGHTNING. The reason why it is skipped when first played is because it is only triggered during the Judgement Phase, and the Action Phase is after the Judgement Phase.

  13. Basically, the steps in each player's turn:
    1. Beginning of turn
    2. Judgment phase
    3. Drawing cards
    4. Action phase
    5. Discard phase
    6. End of turn
    So, other than step 1 & 6, Zhang He can skip any phase by discarding any ONE on-hand-card.

  14. In judgment phase, which judgment come first?
    Lightning, Acedia, Depletion and (Poison).

  15. ^ The order of judgement is "last come, first in". That is, the last time-delay tool cards that enter the pending area should carry its judgement first. For further info, see How to play-->Part 4: Judgement.

  16. do i discard at the beginning phase?

  17. ^ No, you discard just before the phase you want to skip. For example, if you want to skip the drawing phase, you discard a card just before you draw.

  18. say you're down to one unit of health, but have like 4 cards; can you discard one card and skip discarding phase and not have to discard three cards?

  19. Yes, you can discard an on-hand card to skip your discard phase, so you do not need to discard down to your remaining health.

  20. Can he relocate hand cards?

  21. ^no he cannot, he can only relocate cards that are in the game( in the game being, only equipment cards and time delay cards already placed above player's heads only) to another reasonable spot. reasonable being that of, not replacing equipment/time delay card that is already in being placed in the corresponding equipment/ time delayed card slot. e.g.:you simply cannot have two weapons equipped; this skill also do not replace any weapon that is being equipped already.

  22. Can u still relocate one more Acedia to a player who already has one Acedia in his pending judgement area?

  23. Nope. Each person can only have 1 of each time delay tool card at a time. You can have one LIGHTNING, one ACEDIA and one RATIONS DEPLETED all at the same time, but only one of each.

  24. Lu Xun's ability states that he cannot become the target of Acedia. It seems to me that with Zhang He's ability he should be able to relocate an Acedia that has already been played to Lu Xun's judgment area as Lu Xun would not be the target of the Acedia, but the target of Zhang He's ability. Can anyone confirm or agree with this ?

    1. He cannot move an ACEDIA to Lu Xun's pending area, as stated by official FAQ. This is because moving a time-delay tool card means changing its target, and Lu Xun cannot be the target of ACEDIA.


  25. hey guys, great quick reference sangousha reference guides. Share and enjoy!


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