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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I stand corrected. Two months ago, I thought the OKF characters were insane in their abilities. Boy was I terribly wrong! With the release of the final official expansion pack, the Hills Pack 山包 is already said to be the most highly-anticipated SGS add-on ever... and the most EXTREME of all the official packs. A new ability class will be created known as the "Awakening ability 觉醒技", which is reminiscent of "Super-moves" from the King of Fighter and Streetfighter videogames. That would be so cool!!

As I type this, there is probably a mad rush of logistic companies eagerly shipping the Hills Pack all throughout distributors in China. The official release date was said to be TODAY.

So here's a sneak peek at the abilities of all 10 new characters (including Demi-Gods). The website is Chinese only, but rest assured that all the translations will be put up here very soon!


Wei Kingdom:
Deng Ai 邓艾
Zhang He 张郃

Shu Kingdom:
Jiang Wei 姜维
Liu Shan 刘禅

Wu Kingdom:
Sun Ce 孙策
Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong 张昭 & 张纮

Neutral Heroes:
Zuo Ci 左慈
Cai Wen Ji (Lady Cai) 蔡文姬

DG Zhao Yun 神赵云
DG Sima Yi 神司马懿


  1. Demigod Zhao Yun with only 2 health?

    I can already imagine how overpowered his abilities must be.

  2. cai wen ji is the most broken character ever.
    and actually, i think shen zhao yun is pretty weak. but all the others are motherfuckin ridiculous.

  3. I have a question is there a fix number of item/action cards to be in the game? or is there a set number of each type?

  4. Cai Wen Ji has been relocated to the Neutral Heroes allegiance instead of Wei Kingdom. Apologies for any confusion caused.

  5. when will this pack be available for order at the blog shop?

  6. Any advice on what stores sell expansion packs in Beijing? The only places I seem to be able to locate the packs at are megazine booths, and they don't seem to have this new expansion. Thanks!

  7. when i was in beijing, i found that 7-elevens sold the expansions. Hope that helps!

  8. "I have a question is there a fix number of item/action cards to be in the game? or is there a set number of each type?"

    Hey there, I don't quite get your question. Could you elaborate further? Thanks.

  9. There is a typo. 刘禅 is liu chan, not liu shan.

  10. Actually the correct pronunciation is Liu Shan instead of Liu Chan.

  11. For everyone that can't wait here are [roughly] all the powers of the new expansion:

    Cai Wen Ji 3 blood
    -Whenever someone is damaged from an attack, you can discard one card to make them do a judgement. If it is a heart, they recover one blood. If it a diamond, they can draw two. If it is a club, then the source discards 2 cards. If it is a spade, the source flips their card.
    -The player that kills her loses all of their abilities.

    Deng Ai 4 blood
    -Whenever he loses cards outside of his turn, he can do a judgement. If it is not a heart, he puts the card in front of him. These are farms. Every farm counts as a -1.
    -At the beginning of his turn if he has three or more farms, he must lower his maximum health. If he does this, he can then always use a farm as a steal.

    Demi God Sima Yi 4 blood
    -Whenever he is hurt or during his discard phase, he gets as many Nin as he got hurt or threw away.
    -At the beginning of his turn if he has more than 4 Nin he reduces his maximum by one and acquires this power. He can use one Nin to use one of these powers: Retaliation, Demonic Talent (Sima Yi), Balance of Power (Sun Quan), Assembling Wisdom (HuangYueYing), Unmitigated Murder(Jia Xiu)
    -If he kills at least one person during his turn, he takes another turn after his turn.

    Demi God Zhao Yun 2 blood
    -In his drawing phase he draws the number of blood he has lost +2. His hand limit is always +2.
    -He can use X cards of the same suite to:
    heart- peach
    diamond- fire attack
    club- escape
    spade- negate
    X is his current blood but always >1

    Jiang Wei 4 blood
    -He can make a character attack him it he is in their range. If they do not, he takes one card from them.
    -At the beginning of his turn, if he has no hand cards, he must draw two and heal one. Then he reduces his maximum by one. Then he acquires "Star Gazing" (Zhuge Liang)

    Liu Shan 3 blood
    -When other people attack him, they must discard a basic card as well.
    -He can skip his action phase and discard one hand card to allow someone else to have an extra turn after their normal turn.
    -King power: At the beginning of his turn, if his blood is among the least, then he increases his blood limit and heals one and acquires "Rouse" (liu bei)

    Sun Ce 4 blood
    -Whenever he uses or is the target of a duel or red attack, he can draw one card.
    -At the beginning of his turn if he has one blood, he must reduce his blood limit and acquires "Lingering Spirit" (Sun Jian) and "Dashing Hero" (Zhou Yu)
    -King: Once per other persons turn someone from Wu can compete with you. If Sun Ce wins, he keeps both cards. After he acquires the powers, he can decline to compete.

    Zhang He 4 blood
    -He can discard one hand card to skip one phase of his turn. If he skips the drawing phase he can take up to two hand cards from other players. If he skips his action phase, he can move one card from any player to the equivalent position of another.

    Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong 3 blood
    -He can use equipment from his hand to equip them on other people.
    -He can recover one discarded card from another person and return it to them. He then keeps the rest of the discarded cards.

    Zuo Ci 3 blood
    -At the beginning of the game he gets two general cards and puts them in front of him. He chooses one, and one of that generals powers. He acquires their country and gender. At the beginning and end of his turn, he can re-select.
    -For every blood he his hurt, he gets another general card.

  12. Anyone knows the translation of SP characters ability?

  13. here are the SP characters, many of them are the same powers with a new look.

    Diao Chan (neutral) 3
    -same as before

    Gongsun Zan (neutral) 4
    -as long as he has at least 3 blood, he always has -1 , when he has 2 or less he has +1

    Pang De wei 4

    Sun ShangXiang shu

    Yang Xiu (wei) 3
    -when a tool card is used on many people including you, he can draw one and the tool doesn't work
    -when he gets hurt, he says one suit, the people that hurt you cannot use or dump any card of that suit until the end of his turn (after the discard phase)

    Yuan Shu neutral 4
    -Can draw X extra cards (X=# of different countries alive), but then he must throw at least X at the end of his turn
    -he has the King's King ability

  14. can zuo ci change to the same character card he has on before but instead switch abilities?

  15. Yes he can. He can switch before and after his turn as well so he can choose different ones. If he were using Da Qiao for example: During his turn he could use a more offensive power, such as National Colors (using Acaidia). Then at the end of his turn, he can switch to a more defensive power, such as Displacement.
    So to sum up, he can choose any one power from all the cards that he has collected.

  16. Sorry i'm new in this game...but i just bought the fire, wood, wind and battle expansion packs...i just realized I didn't have all the characters as stated in your "expansion" list (ie all the demigods). Other than trading with other people, does it mean I have to buy a few more of the same expansion packs and hope that the "bonus" demigod card is what i want?


  17. "Well there are 2 ways of doing it:
    - either you tear through dozens of expansion packs in the hopes that you collect them all (and end up with a ton of repeat character cards)

    - or you simply purchase your desired ORIGINAL DEMI-GOD CARDS through the SGS BlogShop!"

    There's actually a third way. Buy them from me! I got mine through the first method detailed above. I'll sell them for cheaper than Ricky's! =D

  18. I have Yang Xiu, and I think the translation you gave is not exactly correct. I'd translate it this way:

    1. If a Tool card is played that affects multiple players, including you, you can choose to draw a card. If you do, the card has no effect on you.
    2. When you take damage from another player, name a card type (basic, special, or equipment). The player who inflicted the damage cannot use, play, or discard that card type for the rest of that turn.

  19. Anyone know what is the second ability of Guan Yu SP character ? (in english)

  20. I have to disagree with Ricky here that HILL pack is the most "EXTREME" of all packs (To be fair, maybe Ricky is just trying to hype up HILL sales). I play other card games and give props to YOKA for creating a relatively balanced game thus far. Generals from the older sets are still solid and hold their own. Personally, I think OKF generals are slightly imbalanced/overpowered...

  21. 2Kojiroh:

    His 2nd ability is an Awakening skill. When he has more on-hand cards than his current HP, and when the Ruler is Cao Cao (both conditions must be fulfilled), he can reduce his max HP by 1 and acquire the skill "Horsemanship" (Ma Chao & Pang De`s -1 distance ability).
    Yes, this skill is useless if the Ruler is not CC...

    2the last comment:

    OKFs are okay, actually. They were tested as well as all official characters. However, some characters from the original pack now seem a little bit in disadvantage, like Guan Yu or Zhang Fei. While new but less famous characters have interesting and effective skills, these two seem a bit....simple and boring?


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