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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diao Chan 貂蝉 (*SP002)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:47 PM 40 comments

Translated Description:
"The Malevolent Puppeteer 暗黑的傀儡师 (àn hēi dè kuǐ lěi shī)"

Who is she:
There is only so much I need to say about Diao Chan. She's probably one of the top 10 most famous people in ROTK, as well as in SGS! In the previous version, the artwork is more kiddy, wide-eyed, bambi-like.

Not anymore.

Meet the succubus of ancient China. If looks alone couldn't kill, she can easily seduce another man that gladly will. Personal opinion? I prefer matured, crafty, sadistic women. This Diao Chan... I like.

Why is she an SP character?
Technically speaking, Diao Chan is already over-exposed in SGS. Her 2011 SP version created quite a stir, as so many wanted a glimpse of her fresh out of the shower. Her original ability "Seed of Animosity 离间" was perfect as well. Do we really need another Diao Chan?

Well if you read into her new ability in this evil version, it is just absolute evil and merciless. It kind of makes the male victim seem like a useless empty shell really. The closest example I can think of to describe what I feel about the new Diao Chan are the "Mermaids" in Pirates of the Carribean: Fountain of Youth. Beautiful, seductive, and absolutely deadly. Oh I love it!

Character Ability 1: Soul Surrender 离魂 (lí hún)
In the action phase, you can discard one card and flip over your character card. If you do so, you can acquire all the on-hand cards of one male character. At the end of the action phase, you must return that male character one card for every remaining health unit that he has.

Limited to one use per turn.

Character ability 2: Envious Moon 闭月 (bì yuè)
At the end of your turn, you can draw one card from the deck.

Additional Info based on changes:
Her new ability is dangerous both towards her enemy and herself. She can 'focus' her charm towards a male character, claiming their "soul" (ie: his on-hand cards) and leaving him totally vulnerable. If you can injure him heavily, or even kill him, good for you. This ability is especially powerful when she gains damaging cards like DUEL 决斗, BARBARIANS 南蛮入侵, RAINING ARROWS 万箭齐发, etc.

And let's not forget the carnage she can unleash with the Ancient Scimitar 古锭刀 equipped.

However, this ability comes at a cost. Discard one is no big deal since she can easily take over her victim's cards, but flipping her character card will cost her one full turn. "Envious Moon" will grant her some extra defense, but one extra card for one turn lost can only do so much.

How to obtain this character:
Purchase the 13th issue of Zhuo You Zhi magazine to get this limited character card as a free gift!


  1. For her soul surrender ability, what happens at the end of your action phase if you have less cards than your target's health?

  2. If you have less cards (including equipment) than your target's health you effectively give up all your cards. You'll still get to keep the one card you draw at the end though.

  3. The new 一将成名 2012 expansion is out. When are going to be able to purchase it here?

  4. Hello,

    I found the two next SP characters: SP Cao Ren and SP Pang Tong. However, Google Translate isn't making sense when I have it translate their abilities from Chinese to English. If someone could translate these abilities, I would greatly appreciate it:

    SP Cao Ren: 4 Health



    SP Pang Tong: 3 health (Neutral)



    Thank you very much in advance.

  5. Hi,

    I'm going to try to translate it even if english is not my native language.

    SP Cao Ren:

    【break through enemy blockade】Before your End Turn, you can draw 2+X cards, then flip your character card. At your next Begin Turn, you have to discard X cards. X being the number of weapons equipped by all the players.

    【well-disciplined】If your on-hand card number is more than the units of health you have remaining, you can use your equipped items as "NEGATE".

  6. SP Pang Tong:

    【Recycle】Whenever you obtain a card, you can put it in the discard stack. When this is happening during your turn, you can take a card with the same value in the discard stack .

    【Inebriation】Single-use ability. When you start your Begin Turn, you can reveal 3 cards from the top of the deck and put them on your character card. You can't use or be affected by any card of these types. You have to do it again at every Begin Turn as long as none of these cards have the same "number". Then, you can take all the cards on your character car.

  7. In fact, I have translated *SP003, *SP004 and all OKF2012 characters, but Ricky has not yet replied. Anyone knows what Ricky is busy with in these four weeks?

  8. Do you release date for all the new cards?

  9. Do you have a release date*

  10. Anxious to see the translations and posted on this web blog soon. It has been a while

  11. yeah...this blog desperately needs an update.

  12. Since everyone is hoping for update, I would like to post the translations of the OKF2012 characters for you. Notice that some of the designs are either buggy or imba, or both of them.

    Character 1: Xun You 荀攸 3 Health

    Translated Description: “The Stratagem Master of Cao Wei 曹魏的謀主”

    Character ability 1: 奇策 Unexpected Scheme
    During the action phase, you may use all your on-hand cards (at least one) as any non-delay tool cards. Limited to once per turn.

    Character ability 2: 愚智 Feigning Ignorance
    Every instance you suffer damage, you may draw a card, then you reveal all of your on-hand cards. If all of your on-hand cards are the same colour (red/black), the source of damage discards an on-hand card.

    "Unexpected Scheme" originated from Xun You's ability to plot numerous stratagems. He was responsible for the flooding that defeated Lu Bu, the victory over the Yaun Shao and his sons (some were contributed by Guo Jia). It was said that he plotted twelve unexpected schemes for Cao Cao in his life, but no one knew the schemes exactly. It was said that Zhong Yao 鍾繇, a friend of Xun You and the father of the ambitious Zhong Hui knew the exact plots, but he died before publicizing them. The game mechanism allowed Xun Yao to use his on-hand cards as one of the twelve tool cards (corresponding to the 12 unexpected schemes). As the loyal supporter of Cao Cao (unlike his uncle, Xun Yu, who was loyal to the Han dynasty), he could convert his on-hand cards as AOE to give all his on-hand cards to Cao Cao, symbolising his presentation of schemes to Cao Cao.

    "Feigning Ignorance" referred to Xun You's personality. Xun You liked to pretend to be a mediocre adviser, and revealed his wisdom when it was needed. Cao Cao said "公達外愚內智,外怯內勇,外弱內強 Gongda (the style name of Xun You) feigned ignorance to hide his wisdom, feigned cowardice to hide his courage, feigned weakness to hide his strength". In Xun You's early life, he and his friend plotted the assassination of Dong Zhuo the tyrant (similar to what Cao Cao intended to do), but they failed and was arrested. His friend commited suicide for fear of tortures, while Xun You stayed calm and lived casually in the prison. When Dong Zhuo observed this, he spared his life.

    By the way, this is one of the few characters that pass my expections, although "Feigning Ignorance" was weakened in the final draft.

    1. Thank you so much for the update!

      Is it just me, or does Unexpected Scheme seem to be REALLY powerful? On his first turn, Xun You could have 6 hand cards. If he were to use all as raining arrows or barbarians, wouldn't he have a really good shot at killing one or more people on the first turn? If he didn't want to do that, couldn't he use some or all of his cards as draw 2? This allows him to be Sun Quan with interest! Just by reading the powers you have posted here, this guy seems overpowered. Have you played any games with him? I would be curious to find out how well he stacks up against the other characters or if there are any weaknesses I am overlooking.

    2. You convert all on hand cards to ONE of the non time delay tool cards and it is limited to once per turn.

    3. Please let me make sure I understand the ability. Let's say Xun You has 3 hand cards and he wants to use barbarians. If he uses his ability, would he be discarding the 3 hand cards to play 3 barbarians tool cards, or would he be discarding all 3 hand cards to play 1 barbarians tool card?

      Thank you in advance for the clarification.

    4. 3 on hand cards as one BARBARIANS. Perhaps I should write it as 'one of any non time delay tool cards' to make it clear?

    5. That would make it more clear.

      With this new understanding, I can see how he is not overpowered. He seems like he would be used in a similar way to Lu Xun. I can also see how he would be very powerful with Cao Cao, as Cao Cao could get many cards for only one unit of health if Xun You converts many cards into one barbarians or something like that. He also seems like he would work well with his uncle Xun Yu, who could refill him with Eternal Loyalty if he uses barbarians or raining arrows.

      Thank you again.

    6. You are right. Ironically, he did not work well with his uncle, both in game and in history.

      According to the designer,

      "Eternal Loyalty" would raise the number of on-hand cards of Xun You. This bolsters the defense of Xun You while lowering the chance of using "Feigning Ignorance". This represents although Xun Yu and Xun You are relatives (and serve the same warlord), their political ideas are different (Xun Yu was believed to be loyal to Han dynasty, while Xun You was loyal to Cao Cao himself).

      This is one of the reasons why I like this design!

    7. Xun You's relationtionship with Xun Yu is pretty unclear, some say Xun Yu is his uncle others say they are cousins.

      I think that he was also loyal to the Han dynasty.

  13. thanks for updating this. the history and relevance section is always the best part to read :) keep it up!

    1. I will upload the translations once for each day. The next character is Wang Yi, the Determined Heroine.

  14. Wang Yi 王异 3 Health

    Translated Description: “The Determined Heroine 決意的巾帼”

    Character Ability 1: 贞烈 Unyielding to Fate
    Before your judgement card takes effect (after flipping), you may show another card of the top of the deck to replace it.

    Character Ability 2: 秘计 Stratagem Unseen
    (At the beginning) of the beginning phase and (at the beginning) of the end phase, if you are injured, you may make a judgement. If the judgement card is black, you may draw X cards and give it to another character, X equals to the number of your lost health.

    Wang Yi was the wife of Zhao Ang. She assisted her husband to resist the aggression of Ma Chao, by plotting useful schemes and taking part in the battlefield. She was the only female recorded to participate in battle historically (Zhurong was fictional). She overcame several miserable periods in her lives, and you would understand in the introduction below.

    贞烈 literally means "ready to die to preserve one's chastity". It referred to Wang Yi's action to protect her daughter's and her own chastity. During her husband's leave, some rebellous troops sieged the city and killed her sons, she intended to commit suicide, but he did not so so because no one would protect her daughter after her death. Instead, she covered herself in clothes soaked in sewage of feces. When her husband returned, she intended to commit suicide by drinking toxic potion. Why?

    Because she thought it was a responsibility to commit suicide to protect her chastity for her husband in dangerous situations, and she merely delayed this process to protect her daughter. Luckily, she was saved back.

    However, 贞烈 was not designed to show her determination to protect her chastity (which would mean a damage-triggered ability). According to the designer, it was meant to show her willpower against adversity. Even though she could not alter fate, she would not surrender to fate. Here comes the mechanism: although she could not manipulate judgment freely (like Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao), she would try a second effort to alter her judgment. For this I translated her ability according to its mechanism, "Unyielding to Fate".

    "Stratagem Unseen" referred to her contribution to protect her homeland. During the siege of Ma Chao, Wang Yi presented nine schemes to her husband in adversity. In game mechanism, this ability got more powerful if Wang Yi was injured (in adversity), and the judgment was black (representing "miserable" and/or "secret", also in response to Cao Pi) and she could "present" the on-hand cards to other character.

    An interesting fact is that if Wang Yi losses 2 health in a round, the max. cards in control of her is 3(the cards held in the last turn) + 2("Stratagem Unseen" at the beginning phase) +2 (normal drawing) +2 ("Stratagem Unseen" at the end phase), which makes up the total of 9, representing the nine schemes.

    You may view this character as a derivative of Sun Jian and Guo Jia. Not very creative, but the design is not buggy nor imba (after official modification).

    P.S. The abilities of *SP Zhang Fei has been released. Coincidentally , his ability resembles my unpublished design of Hua Xiong. Although I cannot prove it because I cannot take part in OKF competitions = _ =

  15. btw, when wang yi uses her effect at the beginning and end of the turn, she CAN keep those cards for herself, as opposed to your explanation.

    Also, why can't you take part in OKF competitions?

    1. Oh, it is a typo. It should be "you may draw X cards and give them to any one of the character", which is similar to Fa Zheng. Thank you for reminding me.

      I cannot take part in OKF competitions because I live in HK. Also, I don't have an account (I don't play SGS on internet...)

  16. Cao Zhang 曹彰 4 Health

    Translated Description: “The Child with Yellow Moustache黄须儿”

    Ability: 将驰Versatility
    During the draw phase, you may choose 1 of 2 options:
    1. You may draw one extra card. If you do so, you cannot use ATTACKs until the end of this turn.
    2. You may draw one card only. If you do so, you can use one more ATTACK in this turn, and your ATTACKs are not limited by distance until the end of this turn.

    This ability was meant to show how the military talent of Cao Zhang. According to the designer, he wanted to depict a general riding and fighting in the Northern regions of China, thus giving the name of this ability (于是一个纵马驰骋在北疆的将军形象出现在我眼前,也就是【将驰】这个技能名字的来历。) . In addition, I believe 将驰 was a pun on 张弛 (elasticity, malleability, flexibility--> skillful), so I translated it as "Versatility", referring to the versatile warrior and the meaning of skillfulness. According to the designer, he must be versatile enough to defeat the normadic tribe, well-known for their high mobility and hit-and-run tactics. When it was not the time to attack, Cao Zhang prepared himself for the coming battle (draw one more cards without attack). When he found chances, he struck his enemies with full strength without hesitation (drawing one card less for more aggressive actions). Being the northern defense line that support Cao Cao's southern campaigns, he could draw more cards to trigger Royal Escort. However, he was believed to be killed by his brother Cao Pi, so there was no combination between them.

    By the way, the original draft of Veratility 2 was "You may forfeit drawing cards. If you do so, you can use one more ATTACK in this turn, and your ATTACKs are not limited by distance until the end of this turn.",

    and I wrote to Ricky, "I think this character is quite good, but he is slightly weaker for option 2, which makes game players less likely to use option 2. Perhaps a modification will be made that allows he to draw one card instead of no card?"

    ... and this is the case! lol

  17. heh I think cao zhang is one of the worst chracters in the new expansion though

    1. I also think so. "Versatility" needs very care to use it properly, but it is difficult. So he is basically a blank character or a "spectator" character (suitable for Defector, though), unless there are supporting characters (such as Liu Bei and Xu Shu) to support him using Versatility 2 every turn. Since I have not tested this character by myself, I cannot say it firmly...By the way, I think the worst character is Hua Xiong...boring and useless...

    2. I am surprised that Cao Zhang is getting such negative reviews. His power looked kind of cool to me, but what do I know? I haven't tried him yet. You don't often see a 4 health character that has a multi-use ability.

      I agree with you about Hua Xiong though. He is definitely the "Ma Su" of this expansion. I tried using him, and it was a disaster. The fact that he loses from his max isn't really all that bad, as one would be unlikely to recover enough health to get back up to 5 or 6 if they are severely damaged, but the fact that he has no offensive or defensive options really kills him. YOKA should stop making characters that are designed to be weak to Guan Yu. What irks me the most is that Guan Yu didn't even kill Hua Xiong historically. Sun Jian was actually the one to kill him, but Luo Guanzhong was a deranged Shu fanboy, so of course Guan Yu has to get the all of the credit.

      I haven't tried him yet, but Liao Hua also seems really lame. I would think that the only advantages that an extra action phase would give him is that he can bypass capture (to an extent, but he doesn't get draw first) and he could attack twice per turn instead of once. If you want to use multiple attacks in one turn, use Zhang Fei. If you want to bypass capture, use Lu Xun. Also, his revival power doesn't seem that good to me. He doesn't get more cards like Pang Tong, and he comes back flipped. I would just imagine that he would get pummeled when he is revived with this ability. I guess that I should reserve my final judgement until I use him though.

    3. among the characters in the new expansion, i would divide them into 4 tiers.

      First - Bu Lian Shi, Wang Yi, Xun You, Guan Xing & Zhang Bao

      Second - Ma Dai, Han Dang, Cheng Pu

      Third - Cao Zhang, Liao Hua, Liu Biao

      Last (one of the worst characters ever) - Hua Xiong

    4. ^^I don't say "Versatility" is useless, but it is quite difficult to unleash its full power. The true value of "Versatility" is to use effect 1 to prepare ATTACKs and use effect 2 to unleash it, while "Versatility" 1 and 2 can be used in separate situations (e.g. effect 1 for bolstering defense, esp. you are the defector, effect 2 for striking twice every turn with supporting characters). But is is not really a strong ability...

      I hate the Hua Xiong not because he is weak (although he is really weak), but the fact that he lacks playability. What is the meaning of using a character with only passive ability (same as Zhou Tai and Yu Jing)? What role can I play as a team? I think "storing PEACHes for your comrades" only is really a gameplay. It is not participating in a game. That is why I consider Hua Xion the worst.

      I haven't played Liao Hua too, but it is not attracting to me. I think the only character I would play is Xun You. Even Wang Yi cannot satisfy my expectations...

      ^ I would divide them into two tiers only
      1. Wei characters (PASS)
      2. others (FAIL)
      why? Liao Hua is boring, GZ is simply a copycat, Ma Dai is imba and buggy, Cheng Pu is strange, Bu Lianshi is imba and the main enemy to her husband, Han Dang is buggy, Liu Biao is boring and Hua Xiong, apparently, the worst...

      P.S. I don't think Ma Su is that useless, compared to Gongsun Zhan and Hua Xiong. He has a low "taunting properties" and a expected value of 3/4 of Dashing Hero to get a heart card, which provides him a surprisingly good survivability in multi-player games. The playability of using Ma Su is to regulate your on-hand cards carefully to ensure using "Winning Hearts" every turn. Although I need to admit the deck top control ability and "Tears of Reluctance" is negligible...

      P.S.2 My unpublished design of Hua Xiong is better, very offensive and slightly vulnerable to both Guan Yu (fictionally) and Sun Jian (historically)...Yes, I am hardselling lol

    5. I agree with the fact that characters without any "action" skill are so boring to play...

      Zhou Tai
      Hua Xiong
      Yu Jin
      Gon Sun Zan

      With 6 health Hua Xiong has no skill whereas Dong Zhuo has 2 "action" skill.

      They should have given him an "attack" skill not too powerful like:
      Killing Spree:Whenever Hua Xiong's attack or duel is succesful, he can reveal a card from the deck. If the card is an ATTACK or DODGE he can keep it. Other cards are discarded.


      Insolence:Whenever Hua Xiong's attack or duel is succesful, he can reveal a card from the victim hand. If the card is an ATTACK or DODGE he can keep it.

    6. Pretty good design and quite balanced. Simple but useful. Maybe I shall also post my unpublished designs?

    7. Yes why not? :)

    8. My unpublished design:

      Hua Xiong 4 Health
      Title: "The Bloodthirsty (Diabolic) Beast嗜血的魔獸"

      Ability 1: Decisive Slash陣斬
      Whenever you use an ATTACK on a character, if he/she has two or more on-hand cards, you can initiate point duel with that character. If you win, this ATTACK is not considered in calculating the number of ATTACK card used per turn, and you may obtain the ATTACK after it enters the discard pile. If you lose, that player deals one damage to you.

      Ability 2: Bloody Battle血戰
      [Enforced Ability]When you use a red ATTACK on other character or other characters use a red ATTACK on you, the target character needs to use an extra DODGE to successfully evade the attack.

      (The title "The Bloodthirsty (Diabolic) Beast" come from the legend of his appearance. He was said to have the body as strong as tigers, the waist as powerful as wolves, the head as fierce as leopards and the arms as aggressive as gorillas. And the character 魔 was also used in Dong Zhuo's Title 魔王)

      The phrase 陣斬 means a general kills another general in front of the formations, that is, a duel before the troops engage and fight. This action is critical since who kills the opponent general can reduce the morale of his enemies.
      In RoTK, Hua Xiong slayed four generals in front of the formations, then he was killed by Guan Yu in front of the formations...since he killed four generals consecutively and was killed all in a single chapter, I design an ability that Hua Xiong can unleash his full power in a single turn with risk.

      If he wins the points duel (he is more powerful than his enemy) "recycle" the ATTACK and reused it to the same character (dealing fatal damage) or another character (switch the target). If he loses the points duel (he is weaker than his enemy), he would receive damage (being attacked).

      Regardless the result, he can remove an on-hand card from his enemy, making the ATTACK less likely be dodged. To balance the power, I set the limit of "two or more on-hand cards", so he cannot activate it too many times on a single character. Also, he cannot activate it on character with too few on-hand cards.

      "Bloody Battle" is simple: red ATTACKs he uses or being uses need an extra DODGE to be dodged. This is to reflect the story that Guan Yu killed him in the fiction. He took part in the battle that was stained with blood, his enemies and his own...

      And the two-edged effect is similar to Dong Zhuo, which is slightly better for himself, since he can recycle the red ATTACKs and use it once is balanced by the fact that there are only 14 red ATTACKS...

      Both abilities are meant to reflect the relationships. Apparently, "Bloody Battle" reflects his defeat by Guan Yu in the story (Guan Yu has a lot of red ATTACKs), but that is not all.

      He is a very good loyalist to Dong Zhuo. "Decisive Slash" and "Bloody Battle" can deal damage easily, which can activate "The Tyrant".

      He is weak against Sun Jian (the true killer of Hua Xiong in the history) and Cao Cao (the man who heat the wine for killing him). They are easily damaged and stays at a low health with few on-hand cards (except Cao Cao uses "Villainous Hero", but he may obtain cards with great points such as BARBARIANS). Also, Cao Cao can prevent the recycle of ATTACKS by "Villainous Hero" and unleash them back (esp. the red ATTACKS). Sun Jian is especially powerful at low health, and he can destroy the on-hand cards of Hua Xiong to make him very vulnerable (don't forget Hua Xiong needs to spend an on-hand card to initiate points duel...)

      It is balanced in terms of mathematics but not yet tested, so he might be a little bit imba...Nevertheless, at least he possesses a great playability.

  18. Guan Xing & Zhang Bao 关兴&张苞

    Translated Description: “The Offsprings of Tiger Generals 将门虎子”

    Ability 1: Inherited Spirits父魂

    During draw phase, you may forfeit drawing and make two judgements and you get it. If the judgement cards are not the same colour, you obtain "Warrior Saint" and "Berserk" until the end of this turn.

    [Warrior Saint is Guan Yu's ability, Berserk is Zhang Fei's ability]

    Guang Xing was the son Guan Yu, and Zhang Bao was the son of Zhang Fei. They died very early, and did not have any significant achievement recorded. However, the author of The Romance of Three Kingdoms granted them chance to become famous. In the fiction, they swore to be brothers (just like their fathers) and took part in the Battle of Yi Ling (the revenge war for their fathers) and the Northern Campaigns. The revenged for their fathers successfully by killing the murderers and claiming back their fathers' weapons, the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and the Serpent Spear. They fought fiercely in the Northern Campaigns.

    Half chance to obtain abilities of their fathers. Highly aggressive, but without the slightest creativity.

  19. I have used all of the characters, and have found Wang Yi to be quite powerful, especially when she is at low health. She has a 9/16 chance to be able to draw 6 cards during one turn when shes at one health!, and can keep 3 cards when she has 1 health at the end of the turn. Quite explosive.

  20. Liao Hua 廖化

    Translated Description: “Through the Mill of Time历经沧桑”

    Ability 1: Vanguard 当先
    [Enforced ability] At the beginning of the turn, you perform an extra action phase.

    Ability 2: Longetivity 伏枥
    [Single-use ability] When Liao Hua is on the brink of death, you may regain X units of health, then flip your character card. X equals to the number of surviving character with a maximum of 5.

    The "better-than-nothing" general of Shu, he was an old general serving Shu, but not as good as Huang Zhong. He did not possess special talents like the Five Tiger Generals, but his ability was still to be reckoned with. There was a general also called Liao Hua in Yellow Turbans, but it was not confirmed if they were the same person. He was once the subordinate of Guan Yu. After Guan Yu's death, he feinted surrender to Wu and rejoined Liu Bei in the Battle of Yi Ling. He took part in the Northern Campaign (and he was very old at that time), but opposed it because it wasted Shu's resources. There was a famous phrase in China "蜀中无大将,廖化作先锋 There was no great general in Shu (at the times of Northern Campaigns), so Liao Hua was nominated as the vanguard of Shu forces.", referring to the lack of elites of Shu and the mediocre ability of Liao Hua.

    "Vanguard" is, of course, referring to his position. I still do not understand what is the use of this ability...Immune to ACEDIA+using one more ATTACK per turn?

    "Longetivity" is a strange ability. It seems that the designer sees Liao Hua in the Yellow Turbans and Liao Hua of Shu Kingdom as the same person (which Luo Guanzhong does). In this term, Liao Hua would be in his eighties in the Northern Campaigns. The phrase 伏枥 comes from Cao Cao's poem, in the sentence 老驥伏櫪,志在千里 (An old war-horse may be stabled, yet still it longs to gallop a thousand miles), referring to Liao Hua's contribution as an old general. The mechanism comes from another important event in Liao Hua's life. When Guan Yu died, he bluffed his death in order to return to the Shu kingdom. Basically, this ability makes Liao Hua less likely to be attacked by other characters, so he would enjoy "Longetivity" in the game...

  21. btw, the new revised ability for liao hua states that he gains the # of health equal to the # of factions remaining, not characters remaining

    1. Oh, I do not notice this, thx for your advice.

      P.S. Ricky, don't forget to fix this typo of my translation in your blogpost...

  22. Thanks Billy for updating.

    Will be posting these up soon, after which the updates here will be deleted.


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