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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mǎ Chāo 马超 (SP011)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 9:00 PM 6 comments
Translated Description:
"The Lion of the West 西凉的猛狮"

Who is he?
Cao Cao 曹操 once said: “If Ma Chao does not die, I am going to meet a terrible end.” That gives you an idea of how strong Ma Chao was. He was one of the Five Tigers in Shu Kingdom in fiction, which was pretty close to factual history. Prior to that, Ma Chao was extremely aggressive fighting against his nemesis, the man who slew his entire family: Cao Cao. That explains why he eventually decided to join Liu Bei’s campaign.

Why is he an SP character?
He used to be one of the biggest warlords in west and had a strong reputation even before he met Liu Bei. Thus for completing the whole world of Three Kingdoms in SGS, YOKA released this "younger" version of Ma Chao.

Character ability1: “Horsemanship 马术 (mǎ shù)” [Enforced ability] 
You will always be -1 distance in any range calculations.

Character ability2: “Iron Calvary 铁骑(tiě jì)”
Whenever you use ATTACK 杀 on any target player, you can choose to flip over one judgement card from the deck. If the judgement card is of a red-suit (hearts and diamonds), the ATTACK cannot be evaded with DODGE闪.

Additional info based on changes:
Nothing changed but his drawing, just like most other SP characters. Too bad about the Magneto-looking helmet though.

Wiki Links:
- Ma Chao Wiki

How to obtain this character?
He isn’t available on SGS online so far! For obtaining a card, purchase ZYZ magazine issue #11 (November 2011).


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. To Ricky:
    According to Romance of Three Kingdoms, Ma Chao "wore a lion helmet, a beast belt, silver armour and white robe." So I believe that helmet was likely the SILVER LION HELMET. You may also add this to the article of SILVER LION HELMET.

  3. I would like to let you know that this version of Ma Chao is available on-line. The new SP server has several SP characters, such as SP Sun Shang Xiang (Shu version), Jia Xu (Wei version), Pong De (Wei version), Diao Chan (both SP versions, including the most recent one with a new power) and Zhao Yun (3 health neutral version).

    1. Hi there, would you like to contribute your info official to the SGS blog as one of the contributing writers?

    2. Hello - sorry for the late response. Thank you very much for your offer, but right now I do not have enough time to fulfill the obligations of a contributing writer to your blog.

      I would like to clarify a few things in my original comment - the new server isn't really an "SP server." That was a typo. By "SP server," I was referring to the updates that YOKA recently did to each of their servers (1,2,3,4/5,6, and 7/8 on You have to be a certain level (I think it is level 5) to play games with the wind and EX expansion packs. If you want to use SP characters, fire expansion characters, woods expansion characters, or select OKF characters (only Ma Su, Yu Jin, Fa Zheng, and Xu Shu are available), you have to be a VIP/paying member. Going back to my original statement, I believe that this Ma Chao is available only to VIP members, not the rest of us "commoners."

    3. No, I have him. His updated abilities are horsemanship (you have 1 distance with characters who do not have more health than you) and the second ability ( I forgot the name) is when you use attack, you are able to choose x more targets (x being number of health you have lost). Note: he is available to all players,you must be at least rank 80 to purchase sp generals ( with game credits)


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