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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feng Sheng 风声 - The Message

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:59 PM 3 comments
It's definitely not the first time you have heard of this game, but Feng Sheng absolutely rocks!! I completely love it!

Too bad I can't find enough people to like the game as much as I do so that I can play it more often. SGS always takes precedence.

Since I have gotten this blog going, I thought I could get a similar one started as well for Feng Sheng. Thus unveiling the latest add-on to my collection of blogs...

The "Feng Sheng English Blog"...

... as you can tell, I have absolutely run out of creative names.

Nonetheless, I truly hope that the Feng Sheng blog could give you a better idea of why I like the game so much. Perhaps you would grow to like it too!

Visit the Feng Sheng blog here!

Till my next post, have fun and continue to 杀 in the meantime!


  1. Dear Ricky,

    I have translated all characters (both Exposed and Incognito) and sent it to you. Please check if my translation can help you.

  2. you should focus on keeping your SGS blog up to date. eg 2012 SP characters, news about the upcoming 2012 new pack, and some unofficial characters

  3. I love this game. Where can I buy a copy from?!


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