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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You must be wondering why this was never written up here before. The short answer is the points calculation is overly complicated. It's not something that you can easily remember without using a reference. Best of all, its completely arbitrary! It only adds that teeny tiny little bit of kick into an already awesome game.

However, an email by Norman from Sydney made me decide to post this up. I've never thought about a league system where points will carry over multiple sessions. What an awesome idea!

So here is the official points-scoring system from YOKA. Enjoy!!

Points Calculation

Defector 内奸
Ultimate winner
4 + (Total no. of players x 2)

Died when only the Ruler and Defector are left (1-on-1)
(Total no. of players x 1)

Alive whilst Rebels 反贼 win the game
Died before 1-on-1 with Ruler

Ruler 主公
Ultimate Winner (Survived to the end)
4 + (No. of Loyalists still alive x 2)
Died when only the Ruler and Defector are left (1-on-1)

Died before 1-on-1 with Defector (ie: Rebels win)

Loyalist 忠臣
Ultimate Winner (Ruler survives to the end)
5 + (No. of Loyalists still alive x 2)
Ruler dies

Rebels 反贼
Ultimate Winner
(No. of Rebels still alive x 3)
All Rebels dead

Additional Kill points for individual players:

If your role is...
--- Ruler/Loyalist – Every Rebel or Defector killed +1 point
--- Rebel – Every Loyalist or Defector killed +1 point; Kill the Ruler +2 points.


A: Defector will score 1 point even if he is not the ultimate winner, as long as he is still alive when the Rebels win.

B: In general, Defector gets no points if he dies unless he died when only Ruler and Defector are the only 2 remaining.

C: The game ends immediately once all Rebels and Defectors are dead. There is no need to conclude card effects or abilities. No. of Loyalists still alive is calculated at the moment the last Rebel or Defector dies.

D: So long as the Ruler wins, all Loyalists are considered “Ultimate Winners” and will score points, even if he is already dead.

E: So long as the Ruler dies, all Rebels are considered “Ultimate Winners” and will score points, even if he is already dead.


  1. This is so cool! I have been playing SGS on my iPhone thanks to your guide and I was wondering is this how the points system is calculated?

  2. You mean on the iPhone? You can just compare the points after you finish a game and see if its the same scoring system.

  3. if i played online and i died... is it ok if i leave the room? or i'll get penalty??

  4. It will not be regarded as a 逃跑

  5. Defector has no kill points?

  6. No kill points. The Defector's goal is to win. If he doesn't win he has failed his mission. So he gets no points. As to why Defector gets 1 point for helping rebels win, is because to encourage the Defector to be an obvious Defector, and not to be a hidden Defector, which is to be a Loyalist through the whole game. A hidden Defector will lose all the meaning of a Defector in the game. But sadly, in online version, almost all defectors are hidden and as far as I have seen, none of these hidden defectors have won, not even 1v1 with Ruler.

    I despise hidden Defectors and as a Defector myself, if I see that I have no chance to win, I will still help Rebels win (and there is no points for Defector on online version even if Rebels win). This is because I want Rebels to help me kill Loyalists as well. If I don't help them, who will want to help me?

    Oh and I posted the "It will not be regarded as a 逃跑" post.

  7. What if in a game of 5 players(1 ruler, 1 loyalist, 1 defector, 2 rebels), with the 2 rebels dead, the defector kills the ruler? How are the points allocated then?

    1. The Defector: ultimate winner. He gets 4+(5*2)=14 points.
      The Ruler: dead when only the Defector and Ruler survives. He gets 1 point.
      The Loyalist and the two Rebels: 0 point.

      P.S. Precisely, the victory condition of rebels is "The ruler dies AND the ruler and the defector are not the only remaining character that are left." Or else rebels can win with the Defector.

    2. I think in this question, the Loyalists were still alive. So, the Defector failed (Loyalists still alive) but the Ruler and the Loyalists failed as well, since the Ruler died. But what happens with the Rebels? The Ruler died, but all the Rebels are dead as well.

    3. In the scenario where Ruler died before Defector, even all the Rebels is dead, the Rebel still win the game.

    4. Rebel wins the game, however all players do not receive any point.

  8. As per the kill points. If you are a rebel and coerce another rebel to attach the Ruler and kill him, who gets the 2 points for killing the ruler? the one using coerce or the one attacking?

  9. Where did these scoring system come from??? I am in contact with staff from YOKA, and they told me this is not official, they actually have a different scoring system that's the one they use in their tournaments.


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