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Thursday, March 3, 2011

SGS Guidebook: The first prints

Posted by Ricky Chua On 11:34 PM 6 comments
You would call me an idiot for the price I paid for these booklets. Each of these booklets costs me nearly SGD$10.00 to print!

This is the trial print, so I only have very very few copies. With a price that exorbitant, no way i'm going to print 100 pieces!

But it just feels so incredibly special to hold the finished product in my hand. Maybe this is what fatherhood will feel like too?

View the full post to see all the pictures.

Character guide on the left, Cards guide on the right.
Content page, terminology & preface.

Typical page in the Characters guide

Typical page in the Cards Guide

Cards translations section at the end of the Cards Guide

These booklets will go into larger scale print this month. My aim is to get the costs of these books down to less than half what is costs now. If all goes well, this will be on the SGS BlogShop by April.

I can't wait!!

Till then! Have fun~ and 杀!


  1. You should maybe make a pre-order for this for the first month or so, so you know what to expect and how many copies to print.

  2. Thanks Phil! That's a great idea!

  3. Actually a good idea would be to get quotes from the printer. For example, 10 copies = $XX, 20 copies = $XX, 100 copies = $XX. Update the pre-order numbers on the site so those still considering to buy will be more attracted to place orders.

    On another note, will you be re-stocking the Limited edition box set soon?


  4. so charge $15SGD + actual shipping...

  5. Hi all, i'll be putting up a pre-order on my blogshop very soon. Do look out for it!

  6. Hey Ricky, Norman (sydney) here. This looks quite nice. I'll prolly order several!


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