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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Translated description:
"Queen of the Yellow Turban Rebels 黄巾女将 (huáng jīn nǚ jiàng)"

Who is she:
The above question is one I wish I had the answer to! This character has been abuzz in many SGS threads in China: Who the hell is Bian Shi?! And why is she Queen of the Yellow Turbans?!

Let me tell you what i do know. There IS a Bian Shi in ROTK. In fact she is a true historical figure. Bian Shi was one of the wives of Cao Cao 曹操, and none other than the mother of Cao Pi 曹丕. She was highly respected and arguably Cao Cao's favorite wife (out of more than 15 wives/concubines).

But there was never any mention that Bian Shi had anything to do with Zhang Jiao 张角 and his Yellow Turban Army 黄巾军. This is probably where myths and fantasy combined. Do a quick Google cross reference of Bian Shi and Zhang Jiao and suddenly some interesting articles pop out. These articles appear to be fantasy novels of some sort (of which I am, unfortunately, not familiar with). In these articles, Bian Shi seems to refer to Zhang Jiao as 师兄 or "Senior", and they both seem to have some kind of god-like superpower to bring about Armageddon. The language in which they are written are modern, thus are probably fictional creations of modern day authors. In fact, the backdrop of these stories appear to be similar to the Final Fantasy franchise!

Perhaps these stories are the link between Bian Shi and the Yellow Turban Army?? Anyhow, do take this particular character with a pinch of salt, as she appears to be completely fictional (as a party to Zhang Jiao). Unofficial cards tend to have such issues, I guess? Sigh.

Character ability 1: The Imputer 嫁祸 (jià huò)
In the action phase, you can use any of your cards (both on-hand or equipped) with the suit of spades or clubs as DURESS 借刀杀人. Limited to one use per turn.

Character ability 2: Lady Shock 电母 (diàn mǔ)
[Enforced ability] All damage caused by you will be regarded as Lightning attribute damage.

Character ability 3: Wraith Queen 妖后 (yāo hòu)
[*Queen ability] If the Ruler 主公 is a male character, every instance where the Ruler causes damage to any player, you can choose to activate either of the following 2 actions:

1. You can immediately take 1 card from the victim.

2. You can immediately draw 1 card from the deck.

(*NOTE: Queen ability is a new mechanism introduced for Bian Shi. It is NOT Ruler ability. In fact, the words "Queen ability" can be completely ignored since it does not alter game play in any way.)

Ability's relation to story:
Fictional!! Well, if we play along with the character description, then it does seem like she has similar attributes to Zhang Jiao (the Lightning attributes).

Historical basis:
The real Bian Shi is a person of historical importance. After all, her son did become the Emperor of Wei Kingdom, the first of the 3 kingdoms to be established. The other of her sons was Cao Zhi 曹植, who is famous for his poetry such as the Bronze Phoenix Quatrain 铜雀赋 and the 7-paces poem.

As for the fictional Bian Shi who was Queen of the Yellow Turbans, there is no history there. But if any reader knows about the fictional account between Bian Shi and Zhang Jiao, please share it with the rest of us!

Wiki Link
- Bian Shi (Lady Bian)


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