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Friday, May 11, 2012

Xún Yoū 荀攸

Posted by Ricky Chua On 6:38 PM 16 comments
Translated Description:
"Master Strategist of Cao Wei 曹魏的谋主 (cáo wèi dè moú shì)"

Who is he:
In a time where heroes and talents sprouted like cow grass after a blaze, there were simply too many important people for all of them to have gained as much attention as they deserve. Xun You was one of these lesser known greats. Many of the big achievements behind Cao Cao 曹操's early conquests had Xun You's influence. He was on of Cao Cao's most brilliant and effective advisors, playing a key role in the eradication of Lu Bu 吕布 and Yuan Shao 袁绍. It also happens the Xun You is the nephew of another brilliant advisor to Cao Cao, Xun Yu 荀彧.

Xun You was a quiet and low-profile figure, but his strategies were wickedly effective! For this reason, Cao Cao very much trusted Xun You. Alas, his low-profile prevented stories and fables, and ultimately he never got the popular hype he rightly deserve in history. But perhaps, that was just how he would have preferred it.

Character ability 1: Contrivance 奇策 (qí cè)
In the action phase, you can use all your on-hand cards (minimum of one) as any one non-time-delay tool card. Limited to once per turn.

Character ability 2: Playing Dumb 智愚 (zhì yú)
Every instance after you receive damage, you can draw a card, then display all your on-hand cards. If all your on-hand cards are of the same colour, the source of your damage must discard one on-hand card.

Ability's relation to story:
"Contrivance" originated from Xun You's ability to plot numerous stratagems. He was responsible for the flooding that defeated Lu Bu, as well as the victory over the Yaun Shao and his sons (some were contributed by Guo Jia 郭嘉). It was said that he plotted twelve contrived schemes for Cao Cao in his life, but no one knew what those schemes were. Only his close friend, Zhong Yao 钟繇, knew the exact details of each scheme, but Zhong Yao died before ever publicizing them. The game mechanism allowed Xun You to use his on-hand cards as one of the twelve tool cards (corresponding to the 12 contrived schemes). As the loyal supporter of Cao Cao (unlike his uncle, Xun Yu, who was loyal to the Han dynasty), he could convert his on-hand cards as AOE to give all his on-hand cards to Cao Cao, symbolising his presentation of schemes to Cao Cao.

"Playing Dumb" referred to Xun You's personality. Xun You liked to pretend to be a mediocre adviser, and revealed his wisdom only when it was needed. Cao Cao said "公達外愚內智,外怯內勇,外弱內強 Gongda (the style name of Xun You) feigned ignorance to hide his wisdom, feigned cowardice to hide his courage, feigned weakness to hide his strength". In Xun You's early life, he and his friend plotted the assassination of Dong Zhuo 董卓, but they failed and were arrested. His friend commited suicide for fear of tortures, while Xun You stayed calm and lived casually in prison. When Dong Zhuo observed this, he spared his life.

How to obtain this character:
Xun You is available in the 2012 release of OverKnight Fame, otherwise known as OKF2012 (一将成名2012). Click here to purchase now!


  1. To Ricky:
    The title of Xun You is 曹魏的谋主 (The Stratagem Master of Cao Wei), not 曹魏的谋士 (Strategist of Cao Wei). 谋主 was the title Cao Cao grant to Xun You to praise his marvelous plots.

    BTW, it was announced that four OKF2011 characters would be revamped, and Zhong Hui, the canceled "Arrogant Ambitionist", would be published. I will send you the translation after confirmation.

  2. Oh boy, just when I happened to get OKF2011...more characters. :( It sucks to be a completionist.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. For the 2nd ability, what happens if the card drawn is the only card the player has? Does the attacker discard one card?

    1. The attacker needs to discard a card, because 'all your on-hand cards are of the same colour'.

      P.S. It was reported that OKF2012 would be released on 19th May (not yet confirmed), with 16 characters, including the 11 characters in the competition, Zhong Hui and 4 revamped characters.

  5. does the first ability imply that ALL cards in your hand MUST be used this way?

    1. "Contrivance" is not enforced, so you can choose whether activate it or not. However, if you activate "Contrivance", you must use all your on-hand cards.

  6. this character is a bit strange. here's why:

    1. start of my turn, i have 3 on hand cards and 3 HP.
    2. draw phase, i draw 2 cards.
    3. action phase, i activate "奇策" and announce all my 5 on hand cards are "无中生有". i use 1 "无中生有" and draw 2 cards. i now have 6 "无中生有". multiply further, basically, the whole library is mine. i sort out whatever i need to survive or deprive of other generals.
    4. discard phase, i discard the whole library in my hands minus the 3 cards on hand.

    plain weird.

    1. unless im allowed to state how many on hand cards i have now to become "无中生有". in this case, maybe i can keep 1 "杀" to attack people with, and use my 4 other cards as "无中生有" to pray for a crossbow.

      then again, if i make all 5 of my on hand cards become "决斗", basically, any fellow who has no "杀" is dead. LOL. imba.

    2. I think you guy are misunderstanding the power. He can discard his whole hand to use one tool card. In your step three, you would discard 5 cards to use one draw 2.

    3. ^ like the above said. if you have 5 cards and use 奇策, either 1 or more cards together is 无中生有. Not each on hand card is 无中生有. That would be uber broken! So lets say Cao Cao is the leader and you are the loyalist, if you use 奇策 and announce 3 cards is Barbarians invasion, then if Cao Cao takes the hit, he gets the 3 cards.

    4. You convert ALL of your on-hand cards to ONE non-time-delay tool card, and it is limited to once per turn. Is it so difficult to understand? ('cos someone ask me this question in the comments of *SP002 Diao Chan too...)

  7. hmmmm, how bout this, if xun you uses 奇策 to 南蛮入侵, would the zhu rong get to keep all the cards he discarded as a result of this?
    i am guessing no for zhu rong but just wanna clarify...

    1. Zhurong cannot acquire the converted BARBARIANS. Zhurong can acquire BARBARIANS only if it is used as BARBARIANS and it is actually BARBARIANS.

  8. What about Cao Cao in this case? Does he choose 1 random card to keep or no?

  9. Cao cao gets to keep ALL cards used when you convert them into an aoe, same reason for Yuan Shao


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