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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Following on the comments that have sprouted recently, I have decided to do a little poll of our own.

Do help to select your favorite characters in the poll and let's see what the English speaking community thinks are their favorites. There is no limit to how many you can select.

The characters have been arranged in Chronological order, so you will find characters from Hills and OKF2012 right at the bottom.

Remember to choose according to which character you like to use in the game, whether or not other players think he sucks, or whether or not that person is a bump historically.

Have fun!!!


  1. Hey, do you have a translation for the "standard" (according to sgs online) 3v3 character 諸葛瑾?

    1. I have translated it and sent it to Ricky. BTW, the wordings of his abilities were not commonly used nowadays except 明哲, which I spent a lot of time to search the references :)

    2. Thanks for the reply dude. I notice you helping around a lot here and I really appreciate that.

      One more thing I want to ask are the 3v3 rules - I want to study up on them before I play SGS online and have people yelling at me.

      Also, do you have any good game ideas for 3 and 4 people?

      3 people I have the usual 主公 (no extra health),反賊,內奸, and also another one where you want to kill the person after you (and hence protect the person before you who is trying to kill you.. first person to kill the person after them wins).

      4 people kind of doesn't work well I find.

      Last thing is we should definitely play SGS online together!

    3. From my experiences, playing roles with anything under 5 people is quite boring. For 3 players, what my friends and I do instead is a mode where we win by killing the next player. So you're supposed to protect the player before you. Quite the dilemma, when he's the one killing you! To enhance this mode, you can try playing with double characters (we usually do only ability from each character to lower the chances of getting a broken combo)

      For 4 players, the best way in my opinion is 2v2. Basically, you and the person across from you form a team, and you try to kill off the other team. Very simple, yet fun.

    4. Yes, 5 people is the magic number in terms of how fun the game is - the more people the more fun obviously but from 4-5 is the greatest leap.

      For 3 people, I think killing the person after you is a good mode too. Can you explain the double character mode and what you mean by "do only ability from each character"?

      The 2v2 with your team member being opposite is a good one. I will have to try it! Thanks!

    5. Basically, double character mode is where instead of using one character's abilities, you use two characters simultaneously. However, this could causes problems to arise (eg broken combos like Younger Zhuge Liang & Huang Yueying, or Huang Gai + Wu Guo Tai)

      In order to minimize these, "do one ability from each character" indicates that you use only one ability for each character for the duration of the game. For example, Sima Yi would be able to use 反馈 but not 鬼才, or vice-versa.

    6. For 3v3 mode, you can check it in this blog, and I am recently writing the standardised version of 3v3 on webplay.

      For three player mode, we have two alternate rules. The first one is "Merry-go-round" mode, in which you need to kill the character preceding you (i.e. siting on the left of you). This is the opposite version of Michael's rule, but it is very interesting.

      The second one is "Dou Di Zhu" (lit. fighting the landlord) mode. It is a 1v2 mode, in which the "landlord" uses dual character while the "peasants" use one character.

      For 4 players, we play 2v2, in which the player sit opposite to you is your ally.

      In fact, we play the normal 8-player mode in meeting, cos' we have more than enough of participants :)

      For dual character mode, a list of prohibited characters is published on ZYZ. I have typed it on the comment of the blogpost of dual character mode.

      P.S. I am recently collecting auxiliary game rules and am going to translate it. I have the traditional role-playing, 3v3, KOF(1v1) , Hulao Pass{these four can be found on webplay}, Merry-go-round, Dou Di Zhu, hidden character, hidden role, hidden-character-and-role, dual character, wife snatcher, grand battle and historical scenarios. Do you have any more?

    7. There's also Nation Battle (Guo Zhan)

    8. Yes, I translate it as the Grand Battle. I have tried it once, and it is extremely exciting!

    9. Where can I find the rules for these?

    10. Somewhat surprised with the results here. How is Zhao Yun so high? He's one of the worst in 8 players, whereas Zhang Liao has so little votes ;/

    11. ^^ I am recently translating.

      ^ I don't really understand too. Perhaps for his high survivability and his good looking :)


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