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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Most popular: Zhao Yun (SP2012)?!?!?!

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:22 AM 22 comments
Click on the image above to see the summary of the latest results.

Now this is a surprise!! The Revamped Zhao Yun (SP 2012) is currently in the lead with the most number of votes!

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As it stands right now (23rd May 8:15am Singapore time), tentative vote leaders are...

1st -- Zhao Yun (SP 2012) [38 votes]

2nd -- Xiao Qiao [34 votes]

3rd -- Younger Zhuge Liang [32 votes]

4th -- Jia Xu [31 votes]

5th & 6th tied -- Guo Jia and Jiang Wei [30 votes]

Poll will be open till Sunday (27th May), so log in your opinions while the window is still available.

(Note: This poll is "just for fun" and is in no way scientific... So don't think too much into it ok?)

Have fun!!


  1. Awesome post Ricky, as usual.
    I'm actually very interested in a "scientific" statistic. (maybe it's already there but I just can't find it)
    Something like the winning % of each character given their identity.
    Does someone know the link for such numbers? Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately there're no official stats.

      The only thing similar is a table composed by an administrator of a personally developed SGS online system in Tsinghua University. The free system was online for 1 or 2 years, with limited players, closed afterwards. The system was outstanding in that it supported Battle pack as well as Wind & Fire (later Wood also), much earlier than the official SGS online. At that point, the current popular fan's software TYSSGS was not even released.

      I'll post the link as soon as I find it.

    2. even IF there are stats for 8p roles, they would be quite unreliable because there are many different variables that would influence the stats. Who your teammates are for each game would be a HUGE influence, which takes away credibility of some of the win-loss stats. For example, even if you are Lu Su, Zhang Liao, or Liu Bei (considered in the top 7), but if your teammates are useless characters like Zhou Tai, Yu Jin, and Lu Meng, you're still unlikely to win. The only mode where stats would become more applicable would be in 1v1.

    3. Michael - what are your opinions/knowledge of the best and worst characters? You've listed a few there and I completely agree - do you have more opinions?

    4. generally, (in 8p) the best characters are ones that can combo very well or gain a card advantage (ie Zhang Liao gives a +4 card advantage by gaining 2 and having the opponents lose 2). Best in my opinion are, in no particular order...Liu Bei, Zhang Liao, Xun Yu, Lu Su, Diao Chan,Elder Zhuge Liang, Yuan Shu.

      Next tier would be: Xu Shu, Jiang Wei, Guo Jia, Taishi Ci, Sun Quan, Jia Xu

      The worst characters are mainly the ones who (only) have defensive abilities. No one wants to attack them but it doesn't matter since they can't do anything to help out their teammates either.

      Worst: Lu Meng, Xiahou Dun, Gongsun Zan, Zhou Tai, Yu Jin, Cao Ren, and to a lesser extent, Zhao Yun

    5. Gongsun Zhan 91 58%

      looks like some major trolling going on here. That or I don't know how to use this card very well >.<

    6. LOL. definitely trolling

    7. Below are just my opinions, but I welcome all criticisms.

      I'd agree with Michael in terms of "best characters are ones that can combo very well or gain a card advantage".
      But I can't agree with your opinion of defence making a character useless.
      One of the greatest advantages of a character is the ability to not get hit or KOed easily. (No I'm not a Mayweather fan...)
      It doesn't matter how great your skills are, if you're dead, you're dead.
      This doesn't mean bums like 周泰 are good; he doesn't die, but his skill isn't even considered a defensive skill because nobody has a problem with hitting him.
      Considering the "8p", your offence ability has 1 turn to use while your defence ability has 7 other turns that it could work.
      Of course, the +4 of Zhang Liao is significant enough to offset most cases if he survives long enough, which is exactly why he's most often the target to take out first by the other team.
      So what I mean is that the best characters are the ones people don't want to hit, can't hit or just very great offensively.
      As of today, I'd rate 卧龙诸葛亮,郭嘉,司马懿,曹丕,张辽,法正,鲁肃&sp赵云 as my top tier for "8p" with 荀彧,貂蝉,华佗,徐庶,甄姬,贾诩 & 孙尚香 being 2nd tier.
      This is also because these characters, in most cases, are able to fit in any role.
      You'll also notice if these team mates survive long enough, the game would become more and more in your favour.

      I don't agree with a "8p" stat being inapplicable.
      We already know who the top 4 PKers are, but if you have a large enough sample size from the high level "8p" games, you should see significant differences between the goods and the bums.
      And speaking of bums, I'd like to admit I tend to poop a little when I see 颜良文丑 & 于吉 as my team mates.

      ps: I think I should've been more clear in my 1st post.
      I was actually most interested in the winning % of characters being the ruler... at least it generates discussions for Ricky right?

    8. I think defense itself is not a guilt, but sole defense like Zhou Tai is useless. In fact, character has its "threat", which means how essential in teamplay. For example, Sun Shangxiang combines both healing, drawing and a good defense (with equipment), which is considered has the highest threat. In my opinion, character with high threat and high defense is the best, as they can generate advantage in long term (such as Liu Bei, Zhang Liao and Xun Yu).

      P.S. I cannot find such stat, but a ruler is considered good with the following factors.
      1) Defense---you need to survive, right?
      2) Cooperation---you need ability to cooperate with your ally. It is better to have ability that can cooperate others (e.g. Liu Bei) than ability that relies someone to suuport you (e.g. Lu Bu).
      3) Player's choice---you should choose a character that suits your playstyle. For example, if you like to support others and believe your trust won't be betrayed, use supportive rulers from Shu (Liu Bei and Liu Shan). If you don't trust your ally too much and rather protect yourself, use independent rulers from Wu (Sun Quan and Sun Ce).

    9. Yeah, I agree with 零時色 on the character tiers.

      Anyway, pick any emperor except for Zhang Jiao. He has the lowest winning % among the emperors. I often get very frustrated if I'm loyalist and emperor is Zhang Jiao. Very difficult to win.

    10. Yes, everything other than ATTACK, RAINING ARROWS and LIGHTNING makes Zhang Jiao useless. Card-suppression characters like Zhang Liao and Gan Ning, as well as direct damage characters like Dian Wei and Younger Zhuge Liang can easily destroy Zhang Jiao...

      However, I find that winning the game with Zhang Jiao as ruler is extremely exciting, especially if you have Liu Bei (who give you DODGE and spades, and actively attack you to activate your ability) and Pang Tong (shackle all rebels and the defector!) as your loyalists. Multiple lightning damage :)

    11. GO 诸葛亮! Go 嘉许! Go 黄月英! I dont really care about the others. Also, what happened to the unofficial characters? they were awesome, and there were so moany others that i got but you didnt mention like the 魔(monster) and 仙(saint is taken so i dont know what this should be) packs.

      also, i think the old blog layout hting was much better and easy to navigate. I cant find anything. PLEASE return it to the classic layout.

      also, you should translate the 3v3 new card and sell other version like dragon, 2012, 3v3, etc. if that doesnt happen, i maight as well just buy them at china myself.

  2. The trolling has gotten so out of hand that the results are now pointless and rubbish.

    1. If it makes you feel better, SP Zhao Yun is still in the lead as predicted by this post. I guess 248 people don't care about having a well-balanced game and have no shame in picking an extremely overpowered character...

    2. Well, there are many powerful character too, not only SP Zhao Yun..

    3. ^ Sorry, I mean many powerful characters..

    4. It would be better to put a poll that measures characters that best help the rulers (Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Zhang Jiao) in a game. Most characters are designed to help the ruler attack, increase card advantage, or defend.

      For example, Xiahou Dun has retaliation so that he doesn't need to use as much dodge, and can play dodge when Cao Cao needs to. Liu Bei becomes a terror when he has the auto crossbow and Guan Yu plays an attack.

  3. Hi there, just want to spread some info. Could someone summarize this page?

    Based on my rough chinese I think it talks about a new expansion pack? I'm not too sure, hoping someone will do a quick translation.

    1. It is said that a new expansion pack called "The Rebirth of Han" would be published, with stronger Shu characters and possibly new system, though it is not confirmed.

  4. I have beef with the current Shu generals as they are seriously weak. The 5 Tiger generals seem neutered. Ma Chao and Huang Zhong are ok as they are, but Zhao Yun, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are terrible. SP Zhang Fei is a step in the right direction.

  5. Zhao yun is awesome if you get tge auto crosbow :3


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