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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A quick "Thank You"

Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:42 PM 12 comments
Hey everyone,

First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to reader "金甲披身", for acknowledging my translations in his "SGS English Ver 2012" post. I'm more than happy to see whatever is on this blog further improved, then put to use for english-speaking gamers all around. Do make it happen!!

Secondly, I want to mention about some of the difficulties that this blog and Sino-Games has been facing the past couple of months.

As you might have noticed, the speed and frequency of the posts being generated has slowed considerably since last October. I'm doing my best to keep it a constant "one post per week".

But here's what is truly troubling me...

I haven't actually been playing SGS as often as I used to. That's an understatement actually. Since 2012 began till this post in July, I have played SGS a grand total of THREE times. The reason? It just doesn't appeal to me as much as before. I suspect it has to do with having to catch up with the constant influx of new characters and mechanisms.

When friends and I do meet up for our gaming sessions, we have been playing a mix of other boardgames, from the classic "Saboteur", to the abstract "Dixit", to jumping around conquering XBox Kinect.

Don't get me wrong. SGS is still fun as heck when we take it out for a couple of rounds. But the insanity just isn't there knowing that there is now a huge disparity between the clean game it once was and the myriad of questions that would arise with the new add-ons.

That being said though, my job on this blog is not yet done. I will still do translations of every new character that is coming out. But i'm relegating my position as "person with the answers" because I definitely play it a lot less than many of you reading.

If anyone reading this is keen to get our own forum up and running, please let me know!! It will be so much more tidy and efficient to get questions and answers there (in English) for every card and character.

Now, about Sino-Games.

There's no easy way to say this, so i'll just state the facts. just isn't making money for it to be sustainable. Therefore I will be having a clearance sale soon to clear out whatever stocks I have left. In the near future, Sino-Games will be dealing with accessories and new releases only. My apologies to customers who have been on the receiving end of less-than-pleasant customer service in the past couple of months. I am going to tidy things up, and bring back to the focus to the customer experience.

Despite all the issues, I am still extremely grateful that I still have an audience. Thanks for the support!! This blog will go on, and with the reshuffling of priorities in, i expect that more time will be channeled here in the near future.

Have fun! and continue to 杀 wherever you are around the world!



  1. Hey Ricky,
    I just want to say if it wasn't for you, English speakers like me wouldn't stand a chance.
    Thank you for your work, man.

  2. Agreed. Thanks Ricky.

  3. Agreed. Many Thanks.
    We'are a massive 8 player group from Hungary.
    I translated all of the characters and equipments from english to hungarian according to your blog.
    Amazing work, we are playing all the weeks with the guys, and thanks to your english descriptions, we are ABLE to make it. This is what you cannot measure with money or sg...

    István from Hungary

  4. Thanks for starting this site and maintaining it for so long!

  5. Thanks to your website, we can play SGS every weekend in China (only 老外).

  6. Thanks to Ricky, I have something interesting to kill time with:)

    As usual, I am ready to help. Please tell me what can I do after the translation of OKF2012 characters.

    P.S. 三国杀国战 is going to be released on 21st July. It serves for playing the 'Battle of Nations Mode'. It would come with 9 new characters, new equipment cards, new tool cards, a new role named 野心家 Ambitionists, the official Dual-character Mode and a brand new system named 珠聯璧合 (lit. string of pearl and jade) (ideal combination / perfect pair) that allows some special combination of historical couples.

    1. I read that there have been 5 Japanese expansion packs in Chinese. Are these official? Perhaps you could translate these :)

    2. They are unofficial, I am pretty sure. Perhaps I would pick some balanced unofficial packs to translate...

  7. hey ricky and team, ive introduced this game to my friends (we're in australia) who cant read chinese by printing the translation from this site, thanks for all the hard work!

  8. That's an amazing blog. Each card discussed in every details, even about their historical plots. Fantastic explanation about game's rules and its mods.

    You've been helping many people from all around the world, man!

    Our thanks from Brazil!

  9. Here in Spain a friend of mine got the game from a Chinese friend. After a while of playing sporadically with just a few people because of the Chinese I decided to translate it to Spanish using your blog (I can upload the Spanish pdf with the characters if anyone wants it). Thanks to that, I've played this game with over 50 people, have bought everyone expansion available and got 7 of my friends to buy it and be able to play it with their friends. I never spend 3 days without a game. No matter what, that's how hooked we are after almost a year.

    So thanks for all you've been doing and I know you'll do and count on me for anything I can be of help at.

  10. Honestly, the rules aren't really tough if one takes time to update himself... Ricky has quite some help from rules experts here. It just boils down to putting some effort into researching. It'll be worse if the game stagnates are being too simple.


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