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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Updates to SGS blog for OKF 2012

Posted by Ricky Chua On 2:43 PM 3 comments
Hi everyone,

As the number of posts for OKF2012 characters increase, it is getting more difficult to search for your desired character from the sidebar on the left.

Therefore I have updated the "Expansions" tab in the header bar to include all the OKF2012 characters in thumbnails for easier surfing.

Please note that characters that have not been posted will just lead to an image of the character card, and that the "All Characters" tab has not been updated yet.

One more thing, the 4 OKF 2012 Revamp characters (Fa Zheng 法正, Ling Tong 凌统, Xu Shu 徐庶, and Zhang Chunhua 张春华) have been updated with their latest character abilities. You will find them on their same posts as before.

The clearance sale is still going strong and we still have some stock available! Come grab'em!

Have fun everyone! 杀!!!

1. Final Pack $99.90 now $69.90
2. Collector's edition bundle $69.90 now $49.90
3. Mobile pack $69.90 now $49.90
4. Ultimate pack $79.90 now $39.90

Separate items
1. Original pack $21.90 now $8.90
2. Battle expansion $9.90 now $4.90
3. Fire/wind/wood/hills expansion $7.90 now $3.90
4. Q version SGS pack $29.90 now $14.90
5. Card protector $24.90 now $14.90
6. Feng Sheng (The Message) $39.90 now $14.90
7. Tomb of Cao Cao $19.90 now $9.90


  1. Hi, I had sent you guys an email, please follow up on it and keep me updated on the current status of my order.


    1. Good luck with that. I sent them an email and commented on the previous clearance post and they didn't tell me anything.

      I want to support these guys but they aren't helping themselves.

    2. I want to order , but im from Canada. Do you know if any taxes would be charged for that?


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