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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guān Xìng & Zhāng Bāo 关兴 & 张苞

Posted by Ricky Chua On 1:28 PM 7 comments
Translated Description:
"Cubs of the Generals 将门虎子 (jiàng mén hǔ zǐ)”
(Note: The title is a commonly used phrase for describing a boy coming from the family of a general, who would eventually inherit his father's skills and bravery.

Who are they:
Think George Bush Jr, or Lee Hsien Loong, and you get the general idea. True, neither Bush Jr nor Prime Minister Lee are "generals", but as the children of incredibly significant history-makers, the cubs are usually not too shabby in their abilities.

Guan Xing is the second son of Guan Yu 关羽. His elder brother Guan Ping 关平 died with their father in the hands of Lu Meng 吕蒙. Zhang Bao is the eldest son of Zhang Fei 张飞, and first appeared in ROTK to inform Liu Bei 刘备 of his father's death. Both the cubs are strong fighters and well-liked by Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮, but both were urgent to avenge their fathers by leading the vanguard. They almost came to blows before Liu Bei intervened and forced them to swear an oath of brotherhood, just like their fathers did. From then on, they usually went into battle together.

Character Ability: Spirit of their Fathers 父魂 (fù hún)
In the drawing phase, you can forfeit the drawing of cards and, instead, display the top two cards from the deck, then receive them. If the two cards displayed are of different colours, you receive the abilities "Warrior Saint 武圣" and "Berserk 咆哮" till the end of your turn.

"Warrior Saint 武圣"
Every card with a "heart" or "diamonds" suit (effectively all red-suit cards) can be used as an ATTACK 杀 card.

"Berserk 咆哮"
You can use as many ATTACK 杀 cards as you wish during your turn.)

Ability's relation to story:
Readers are scathing in his comments for this character's ability. "The ability allows Guan Xing and Zhang Bao to inherit the skills of their fathers respectively, without creativity…" Well, their observation is a 100% accurate. Still, the ability sounds exciting and should make for interesting play. Given Liu Bei in the same team and this character will probably bring armageddon.

How to obtain this character:
Guan Xing and Zhang Bao is available in the 2012 release of OverKnight Fame, otherwise known as OKF2012 (一将成名2012). Click here to purchase now!


  1. Would 父魂 not be considered judgment then? Since you flip your cards that you are going to draw?

    I this case would Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao be able to change the judgment cards?

    1. Actually, these cards are not considered judgement cards and Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao are unable to change them. The only way to influence them would be to use Zhuge Liang's or awakened Jiang Wei's "Star Gazing," or Ma Su's "Winning Hearts." These characters would have to take their turn directly before Guan Xing/Zhang Bao's turn.

  2. What does different colors mean? For example is the two cards are a heart and a diamond, does it not work?

    1. Red = hearts and diamonds.
      Black = clubs and spades.

      If the two cards are a heart and a diamond, it does not work.

  3. Since you get to keep the 2 cards, I'm guessing the only reason you wouldn't want to use the ability is when you don't want to show everyone the 2 cards? It sounds like the 2 cards must be shown to everyone.

    1. the point is that, most people would store cards for one turn before using the same skill. it is like a high-burst champion in LOL.

  4. I have 2 version of this card, one that says you can use 2 cards as a Sha, then you inherit abilities if you did so, the other is this version


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