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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The official SGS Magazine 桌游志

Posted by Ricky Chua On 11:58 AM 16 comments
I'm back! Before I start posting about the SP characters (which was a lot of trouble to get my hands on the originals), I thought I would tell you a bit about an interesting event which occurred while I was in Beijing.

If you have been keeping up to date with SGS happenings, you would definitely have heard about the new set of characters known as "SP" characters. These character cards are only available when you purchase the magazine called 桌游志 (Board-Games Periodical).

Here's an image of the September issue found on the net.

It looks like any other magazine with some random cutey on the cover, but the SGS fanatic would be able to spot the finer details.

For example: Which character is the cover model cosplaying as? 
(Hint: She's an Official SGS character.)

Answer: Sun Shang Xiang 孙尚香 "SP" Version 

So what's the big hoo-haa about this magazine?

If you've ever gotten your hands on the magazine, you would be stunned by the amount of info dedicated to SGS. The first time I flipped through it, I was stunned that over 60% of the issue was related to SGS in one way or another. Here are a few bits from the September issue.

- Unofficial Game rules (Some of which are very interesting and I will post up a translation)
- Q&A about character trivia (such as why Cao Zhi 曹植 looks like a female in the drawing) answered by the game makers themselves.
- Q version comic strip
- In-depth write-up about Sun Shang Xiang
- Interview with the cute covergirl
- etc.

June issue 2011, Zhen Ji 甄姬 cosplay

In short, I was impressed to say the least.

Since I happened to be nearby Beijing, I thought I would go look them up at their magazine HQ. It was not easy to find them, but the team that met me were incredibly hospitable and warm. As you can probably guess, the magazine is run by a team of staff no older than 40, their office dotted by scattered drafts and tools typical of a high-energy start-up.

I like them already.

It was just a first-time "Hello" and we basically just exchanged views, but I'm happy to say that there is a possibility of this magazine coming into the South East Asia region. Not sure about North America or Australia yet, since the magazine is 100% in Chinese.

All in all, it was great fun meeting the team at Zhuo You Zhi magazine and hopefully all the readers will be able to benefit from their great work.

For my part, that simply means more translations to do.

Up next... SP Characters! Look forward to them!

Have fun and 杀!


  1. Don't forget to get the Board-Games Periodical of this month, which has two SP cards, Cai Wenji of Wei allegiance and the Silver Moon Lance, which was designed to be Zhao Yun's weapon but canceled by the game makers in standard edition of SGS.

    Silver Moon Lance (Equipment/Weapon/Attack Range 3)
    If you play a black card outside your turn, you may target a character inside your attack range to play a DODGE, or else he/she will lose 1 unit of health.

  2. About Silver Moon Lance, what does the "play" means. Does it means that when A use black kill in Duel with B, A can also kill C (within range) ?

  3. Yes, so challenging someone equipped with the Lance to duel is very dangerous.
    The other two common methods of using Lance would be with Negate or when someone uses Barbarians.

  4. Thats why its banned in newer version of SGS.
    Now i understand how to use character like Yu Jin effectively or the shield from EX.

  5. I couldn't spot her name! Does anyone know who she is?

  6. 冰俏 of Silence Snary (a.k.a. 杭州304动漫社团lit. Hangzhou 304 Amine & Comics Group, a cosplay group).

    P.S. Don't forget to get the Board-Games Periodical June 2011. The covergirl of that one is 天水寻, cosplaying as Lady Zhen, belongs to the same cosplay group. And there is introduction and official FAQ of OKF pack, which can save your time from solving the ambiguity of abilities of some characters, such as Cao Zhi and Zhang Chunhua.

  7. Ah, okay. Thanks a lot! I was expecting a real name so I didn't think 冰俏 was it :P

  8. where to get those magazine in singapore?

  9. will be bringing in a few copies. Will be up for sale this coming weekend.

  10. where can i buy those magazine?

  11. unrelated but found no newer posts. is this BOSS thing an unofficial expansion?

  12. Official card has the shield like below.

  13. I wanna have this item. Is it possible that sino games sell this too ?

  14. The BOSS seems interesting...=)


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