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Thursday, September 8, 2011

From China with Love

Posted by Ricky Chua On 6:05 PM 16 comments
Been on the other side of the Great Firewall the past week, but i found a way to overcome it. Am now posting from somewhere in China.

The next posts to come will be the SP characters, so lookout for them!

Have fun! and 杀!


  1. Hey Ricky! First of all thanks for your work as it is GREAT! In China, you can try to use

    You can then access Gmail, Facebook, etc...
    Zai Jian Le :)

  2. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. Does any of you know what these new role cards in this unofficial expansions do?

  4. Please add the new characters from sanguosha online! :]

  5. These characters would really be an nice addition to be purchased in the shop ;)

    I am also curious to know what the new role cards do as they look like they could really have some cool game changing characteristics.


    Also wondering about those 2.

  7. The two new role cards are as follows:

    Overlord (Purple) 霸王 (My Personal Favorite)
    How to win:
    -Kill every other player before another team wins
    Special Situations:
    -This role card is shown face up
    -If the Overlord kills the king while there are other players still alive, the Overlord becomes king. All other players then become rebels.
    -When the Overlord kills anyone, he draws 2 cards.
    -When someone kills the overlord, they draw 5 cards.
    -When the Overlord is on the brink of death, and someone saves him, the saver draws 2.
    -The Overlord chooses his character from being dealt three God characters.
    -The Overlord chooses his character last, after seeing everyone else's choices.

    Reckless Hero (Gray) 草莽
    How to win:
    -You cannot win as the Reckless Hero (read on)
    Special Situations:
    -Once when you kill someone, you can be dealt one of every role card face down (King, Loyalist, Rebel, Spy, and Overlord if no one else is Overlord). Then you choose one and are that role card. If the King is chosen and there is another King, you keep your's face down. If you personally kill the king, you then flip your card and become the King. The game then continues.
    -If the Reckless Hero (pre-morph) personally kills the King, he selects a role card as before. If that role is King or Overlord. He becomes that role and the game continues.

  8. If Reckless Hero kills the King, any reason he wouldn't just select Rebel and win?

  9. He gets to draw it face down!
    A better way to handle the Hero would be that the killed does not reveal his role card and the hero acquires it (and it becomes his new role)

  10. Hmmm, interesting new Role Cards. Hope Eric can update it soon. Overlord seems will add more fun into the game mechanism. However Reckless Hero will give more imbalance game play. What if the Reckless Hero killed a Rebel and chosen a new role as Loyalist or vice versa? One side of the team will be greatly outnumbered.

  11. I think naturally ever other players will try to kill the Overlord first.

  12. Yes, that's why I think Hero taking the role card of whoever is killed is a better way to play him.

  13. I would think that it would be better to try it the way it was written first. Many times there are people who put a lot of time an effort into researching the effects of changing roles. It would be worth at least trying rather than changing the rules on a whim figuring that I'm smarter than the creators of the cards.

  14. Of course you can try, but as mentioned, there are issues popping up, such as imbalancing and not enough role cards. Playing it differently solves those and also adds depth, that the Hero killer has to choose who to kill if he wants to be on the winning team, instead of just anyone and getting a team randomly ;)

  15. I think that Anon on Oct 3rd 10:02 AM was trying to say that we should not preemptively assume that there is going to be a problem with how a particular character/role card is balanced. Since the cards are dealt face down, the reckless hero will not be able to see what they are picking. This could have many different consequences that we may not be able to see yet, so we cannot determine if it is unbalanced. It is possible that whoever created the card spent a lot of time tweaking this role card to make sure that it is balanced and works as intended. I think that they are trying to tell us to give the creators of the card a chance and at least try their role before assuming that it will not work. I have created characters to use with my friends. I would be really pissed if they saw something and said, "That is unfair! You should have made XXX character's XXX power weaker!" Instead, we play a game or two with the power as written THEN assess whether or not the card needs to be tweaked.

  16. About 2000 years ago, China built the Great Wall to keep invaders OUT. Not long ago, China created the Great Firewall to keep us IN.


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