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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh come on!! Help me out here!

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:44 AM 11 comments
Dear Readers,

As you can see, there are lots of things on this blog that need updating. I REALLY need your help to contribute articles. If you would like to contribute to any of the below mentioned, simply drop me an Email at

It's the only way that all-readers can get up-to-date articles and improved content. You can be a part of this blog!

1. SGS Online - Articles, How-to's and FAQs

2. "SP" characters - Write-ups and general info (how to get SP characters etc)

3. Unofficial characters and cards

4. FAQ compilation and translation from Official YOKA website for all characters and cards

5. Expert Q&A contributors - I will add you to the alert list once any comments/questions are received on this blog.

I know that you probably have some knowledge on the above listed items. Do go ahead and contact me! It doesn't matter if you aren't an expert, because any contributions add up.

Hope to hear from ya!!


  1. The translation of SP characters and Hulao Pass Mode is completed.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. whats the hu lao pass mode and sp character??

  4. Hu Lao Pass is the fight for Sanguosha online where Demi-God Lu Bu with 8 life fight with 3 other players.
    Sp Character is the character you can get from chinese magazine call "卓遊誌". The magazine give 1 card per edition, somewhat like extra.

  5. Have you thought about converting this blog into a wiki? It might help with the user contributions and overall organization.

  6. ^ Since I intend to re-translate the ability description of cards to clarify the ambiguity, it would be a good idea for me if there is an English SGS wiki. But I don;t know if Ricky likes the idea.

    By the way, I have bought the latest 卓遊誌, from which I obtain the God-o-war Lu Bu for the Hulao Pass Mode. There are several auxiliary game rules, which I will translate them if I have spare time.

  7. News: There is a reprint of SGS cards and some slight but significant changes occur. For instance, Zhou Yu's "Sow Dissension" has changed from damaging the opponents before giving a card to damaging opponents after giving a cards. I would search more info about this edition.

  8. ^ "slight but significant changes occur" doesn't even make any sense, but I know what you mean. Where did you get the info for the reprint of the cards + changed character infos? Link?

  9. Actually, that "reprint" is a new Collector`s Edition. All cards have a postal mark with Guan Yu`s image on the back side, which means you cannot just take the cards with changes and add them into your current deck.

    The changes in the descriptions are minor, with only 4 characters having more or less significant changes:

    1. Zhou Yu - refer to Reijishiki`s comment. At some point it`s a slight nerf - if a 1HP opponents guesses wrong, but takes a PEACH, he will be able to save himself. It also fixes a bug between Zhou Yu with a PEACH and 1HP Sun Quan as the Ruler.

    2. Zhou Tai - it is now pointed out that his "zombie cards" are flipped from the top of the deck. It is also written that the Brink of Death for Zhou Tai comes when the card with the same number appears among the "zombie cards", which means others cannot help him to remove them until this moment.

    3. Pang Tong - if he dies while being flipped, he will flipped back to the normal state after using Nirvana.

    4. Zhu Rong - more concrete description of her Fearsome Blade. She must perform Points Duel with the opponent she targeted with her ATTACK. For example, if Xiao Qiao transfers the damage to someone else, Zhu Rong will still points-duel with Xiao Qiao. She cannot, however, do that with a person received damage through SHACKLES.

    As for other generals, changes include bigger letters, fewer brackets and fewer images of card suits in descriptions etc.

  10. Actually, "slight but significant changes" makes perfect sense. The changes are small (slight) but have a significant impact.


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