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Friday, October 21, 2011

Diāo Chán 貂蝉 (SP002)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 7:58 AM 9 comments
Translated description:
"The Dancer with Unrivaled Beauty 绝世的舞姬 (jué shì dè wǔ jì)"

Why is she an SP character?
I would love to say that some sexually-charged up SGS fanatic demanded for a sexier Diao Chan from YOKA. I would also love to say that YOKA is giving SGS a complete erotica makeover and the next character is Zhen Ji 甄姬 in a bikini.

But no, these aren't the reasons why this 2nd version of Diao Chan was released. The reason is as bland as chewing on cardboard.

After the 1st issue of Zhuo You Zhi 桌游志 (ZYZ) was published, it was said that YOKA decided to keep with the promotion of giving away a new character card with every issue. They had on hand this alternate drawing of Diao Chan and decided to release it with the 2nd issue of ZYZ. That's all.

Bummer. I would have loved to see Sun Shang Xiang in a bunny suit.

Character ability 1: "Seed of Animosity 离间 (lí jiān)" 
During your action phase, you can discard one card (either on-hand or equipped) and select two male characters to undergo DUEL 决斗 with each other. This ability cannot be neutralized using NEGATE 无懈可击. Limited to one use per turn.

Character ability 2: "Envious Moon 闭月 (bì yuè)" 
At the end of your turn (after the discard phase), you  can draw one additional card from the deck.

What's different from the original character?
Only the drawing has changed. This alternate drawing has been affectionately referred to as the "out-of-bathroom" Diao Chan 出浴貂蝉. But why didn't they just give her a bathrobe and nothing else then? Aww!!!

Everything else about this character is identical to the original Diao Chan. Her abilities and allegiance remain the same, thus this character would inconspicuously blend into your current set unnoticed.

How to obtain this character?
Purchase ZYZ magazine issue #3 (March 2011). This issue is also out of print. You can probably get your hands on it if you got LOTS of dough to spare.


  1. eh? i thought Diao Chan... is not a new character right?

  2. ^ This one is SP Diao Chan, who has the same ability of the original Diao Chan. In actual gameplay, you choose one Diao Chan to add into the character pile only, since they are identical.

    P.S. Yang Xiu was included in ZYZ#1 and ZYZ#2. SP Diao Chan was included in ZYZ#3.

  3. You CAN put the two Diao Chan in it. Once I played with TWO SunShangXiang (the regular one plus the SP one) and I can clearly remember that another time, I was playing with two Diao Chan - fortunately they were NOT on the same side!

  4. ^ I agree with the above anonymous. I play San Guo Shan online very frequently and I played a match in which I was the regular Diao Chan and other person chose the SP Diao Chan. It was so funny because we were seated next to each other, but we were on opposite teams. There were some cat fights between us, but the boys fought a lot more often than we did! We planted so many "Seeds of Animosity" that we had a complete garden by the end of the match!

  5. ^
    This issue was a subject of debates on the official website. There was a poll questioning whether two DCs are allowed in one game. In the end it was decided that two identical characters will NEVER appear at the same time in one game. The patch of June 1 2011 fixed this bug in the online game.

    The official article about this (clause 4 at the end of the text)

  6. When Diao Chan discards a black suited card, can she utilize "Seeds of Animosity" on Jia Xu to Duel another male general? (Any official answer to this?)

    - As Jia Xu's "Behind the curtain" protects him from black suited tool cards.

    1. yes she can, this is a non-colour suited Duel, which Jia Xu can be the other male general.
      When she is using seed of animosity, even Zhu Ge Liang with no cards can be a male general, but this time Zhu Ge Liang is the one who plays Strike second instead of First.

  7. ^based on logic, Diao Chan will be able to use "seed of animosit" on Jia Xu to Duel another male.
    The description of the skill in chinese satates that,during the action phase, Diao Chan can discard a card, and by doing so, she can order two male characters to duel. The color of the suit of the card is not an issue here because Diao Chan is discarding a card to activate this ability, not using the discarded card as Duel.
    This logic can also apply on, XiaHouYuan when he uses his godspeed ability to kill a person with RenWan Shield eqipped; the Attack is neither red colored suit card nor a black one

  8. ^Correct, but an addition to that is that Diao Chan cannot make Xu Shu duel anyone. So in effect Diao Chan discards her card to force player 1 to play a colorless duel against player 2. Player 1 does not lose any cards of course, but since he is 'playing' a duel, Xu Shu hushes up and it doesn't happen.


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