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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back from behind the Great Firewall

Posted by Ricky Chua On 9:07 PM 4 comments
OMG... 2 full weeks in China made me realise how cut-off I am from blogger!!

Despite receiving Email notifications about comments posted within these 2 days, i could do nothing but helplessly wait for the days to count down as the Great Firewall blocked my every attempt to access Blogger and post or comment. CURSES!!!

On the flip side, I now have the working model of the Character translation card. I'll put up the pictures shortly!

Also, my blogshop will be opening soon. You will be able to purchase SanGuoSha (Original Pack) and all the existing expansion packs, delivered worldwide and payable through Paypal.

Looking forward to it!! In the meantime... 杀!


  1. So that's where you've been! I figured you died or something...

  2. its a pain i tell ya!!! GAHH!!!! Somebody teach me how to access blogger from China?!

  3. I'm sorry Ricky, I should've told you to use a proxy. It totally slipped my mind that I should've helped you get on your blog instead of answering quesitons. Haha. But yea let me get back to you on which proxy server to use, unless someone else already has one in mind. I used my old college VPN to get on your blog while in china, but you don't have access to that.

  4. Ah!! Using VPN! Now why didn't i think of that?!? So is it really as straightforward as just using remote desktop to connect to my comp back home?


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