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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zhao Yun 赵云 (*SP001)

Posted by Ricky Chua On 5:04 PM 14 comments
Translated description:
“The Vanguard on a White Horse 白马先锋 (bái mǎ xiān fēng)”

Who is he:
For goodness sake, this is Zhao Yun! I'm pretty sure you do not need me to describe who he is. But just in case you do, here's a one-sentence summary.

Zhao Yun is one of Liu Bei 刘备's most accomplished generals, but while he was younger he was part of Gongsun Zan 公孙瓒's army, thus the Neutral Heroes allegiance here.

Why is he an SP character:
I'm going to be politically incorrect here. I do NOT think that Zhao Yun needs an SP version. The official reports state that the SP versions are an upgrade so that the original characters will not fall behind.


The original Zhao Yun is still strong as heck, and has one of the best abilities ever created in this game: creative, adequate, simple. So why do they need to make Zhao Yun unbalanced? Well, I guess everyone will have their opinion. Who knows? I might just like this character after I lay my hands on it.

Or maybe not.

Character ability 1: "Dragon Heart 龙胆 (lóng dǎn)"
All ATTACK 杀 and DODGE 闪 cards can be used interchangeably.

Character ability 2: "Formation Piercer 冲阵 (chōng zhèn)"
Whenever you use or play an on-hand card to activate “Dragon Heart”, you can immediately take an on-hand card from the opponent.

Note: "Opponent" here refers to either the player who caused you to activate "Dragon Heart" (the player that uses "Raining Arrows 万箭齐发"), or the person on the receiving end of "Dragon Heart" (you use DODGE as an ATTACK on that player).

Additional info based on changes:
This is the young Zhao Yun serving Gongsun Zan, the Whitehorse General. According to Zhuo You Zhi magazine, his 3 units health reflects his immaturity while his new ability reflects his contributions in The Battle of Jie Bridge 界桥之战. In that battle, Yuan Shao 袁绍 rained arrows on Gongsun Zan and almost decimated his entire army. When Gongsun Zan’s was on the brink of collapse, the young Zhao Yun charged into Yuan Shao’s vast army and single-handedly killed Yuan Shao’s general with one strike, with time left to spare to save Gongsun Zan's rear-end.

Zhao Yun became the 3rd character with more than two character cards in SGS. The first was Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮 and the second one was Lu Bu 吕布. Note that the card of young Zhao Yun is two-sided and slightly smaller than the usual character cards. This card is not meant to be shuffled into the character's deck, but rather to be substituted for the original Zhao Yun card if the player chooses to use him.

Wiki Links:
Zhao Yun Wiki

How to obtain this character?
Purchase the 13th issue of Zhuo You Zhi magazine to get this limited character card as a free gift!


  1. If he use his 2nd abil, does the opponent have to dodge first and then get stolen, or stolen first then have to dodge.
    *This char can be troublesome.

    1. Get stolen first, then have to dodge. The ability "Charge Piercer" acts before the card's effect is activated (similar to Huang Yueying's ability).

  2. if he uses DODGE during a DUEL, he will be able to steal every instance he plays a DODGE as ATTACK during DUEL?

    1. You are right. When he participates a DUEL, he can steal an on-hand card for each ATTACKs converted from DODGEs.

      Just for your reference, ATTACKS are considered as being 'played' rather than 'used'. Therefore, Sun Ce cannot draw a card when playing a red ATTACK in DUEL (because "Ardor" can only be activated when red ATTACKS or DUELs are 'used'), but *SP Zhao Yun can steal an on-hand card if he plays an ATTACK converted from DODGE (because "Formation Piercer" mentions both 'playing' and 'using').

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  4. If ZY attacks old zhu geliang and steals his last card, would he be immune to the attack since he has no hand cards?
    If ZY attacked lu xun and steals his last card, can lu xun dodge it if the new card he got was a dodge?

    1. Elder Zhuge has already been targeted by the ATTACK therefore empty City will not work for that ATTACK.
      Lu Xun draws immediately when he loses his last on-hand card. Therefore he can dodge.

  5. Replies
    1. not exactly. i saw him once on my enemy side and he was weak--for his three health point and lack of dodge.

    2. IF he is not focused early [and he should be], he is pretty formidable and annoying. I wouldn't say overpowered, but very very annoying.

    3. He'll get destroyed in an eight player match considering the other people's ability and his maximum of having 3 cards in his hand. Don't worry, I've played as him and it never ends well unless you're playing as the lord.

  6. ^Yeah, I've faced him twice and he was incredibly powerful both times, yet we didn't dare target him in case he uses Dragon Heart when dodging

  7. ÉWhen Zhao Yun uses a dodge to kill 3 targets with the the weapon that is range 4, does he steal one card for each target?


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