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Monday, February 6, 2012

Revamped SP characters for 2012?!

Posted by Ricky Chua On 10:51 PM 3 comments
Now this may not be shocking news to all of you, after all I am blogging about this well into February. So if you already know about this, feel free to click "Comment" below and put in your opinions.

For the rest of the world... BIG NEWS!

YOKA has officially announced that they are re-introducing SP characters starting from the January 2012 edition of Zhuo You Zhi magazine (13th issue). 

The "new" *SP001 issued in January 2012 is SP Zhao Yun, with a completely different artwork and character frame. 

If you've been keeping track of the collectible SP characters in 2011, you will know that SP001 was the code for SP Yang Xiu, which is now INCREDIBLY RARE! What does this mean for SP Yang Xiu then? Is it getting exterminated from SGS altogether? Why give its "identity number" to another card? Doesn't it seem like a conspiracy to wipe-out SP Yang Xiu and pretend it never existed?

Does this also mean it is going to happen to all the SP cards in 2011??

Here's what I think.

If you were one of the very lucky ones who bought 2011 SP cards, you have struck gold!! Now that the new SP cards of 2012 are going to obliterate the old ones from existence, it just meant that 2011 SP cards have multiplied in value!

(Note: The new SP cards can be used together with the old SP cards. They will clearly be differentiated based on the frame art, as well as a star symbol beside the identity number. Eg: *SP001.)

It's always the rare items that were produced in very small amounts, then terminated quickly, that are the most rare. 

Ok I know what you are thinking. "You're just saying that to push sales for your 2011 SP cards." The truth is I don't have many SP cards left from 2011. I'm keeping my SP001 Yang Xiu and SP002 Diao Chan, unless I can find some more to bring in at reasonable prices.

In my next post, I shall be blogging the translation of the official announcement from YOKA regarding this change in SP series.

Till then, keep on gaming! 杀!


  1. when will the new issues be available in your shop?

  2. the new design is pretty ugly...

    1. I agree. Besides, i like the old one


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