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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yú Jìn 于禁

Posted by Ricky Chua On 11:52 PM 7 comments
Translated Description:
Mainstay of the Wei Military 魏武之刚 (wèi wǔ zhī gāng)

Who is he:
Loyalty transcends time and geography, or so Yu Jin thought. Yu Jin was thought to be one of five most important generals serving under Cao Cao 曹操. In his prime, Yu Jin was responsible for the battles that led to Yuan Shao 袁绍 being vanquished, and he was also known as a man of steely integrity. Yu Jin once defeated a rebel leader who happened to be an old friend. Despite this old friend surrendering to Yu Jin, Yu Jin knew that Cao Cao would execute this friend anyways because he only surrendered after being defeated. Yu Jin decided that he would order the execution himself, and he had a tearful final meeting with that friend before the execution.

However the drama that Yu Jin is remembered for begins only after his defeat by Guan Yu 关羽. After coming to Cao Ren 曹仁's rescue, both Yu Jin and Pang De 庞德 found themselves stranded in the flooded fort of Fan Cheng 樊城. Guan Yu was mobile on boats and quickly captured both the Wei generals, whereupon Yu Jin surrendered and joined Shu Kingdom 蜀国 whilst Pang De refused to betray Cao Cao and chose death over surrender. Cao Cao was greatly grieved that his trusted general of 30 years would switch sides to help Shu Kingdom.

Yet fate still has not run its course. Eventually Yu Jin did return to Wei Kingdom, but why? And when? Read on to find out!

Character ability: Resolute 毅重 (yì zhòng) [Enforced ability]
When you have no armor equipped, black-suited ATTACK 杀 cards have no effect on you.

Ability's relation to story:
Sadly, the link of this ability to the story is nearly non-existent. True, Yu Jin was a resolute and firm general under the Wei Kingdom, however I really do not see how his ability ties in with the ability title. I must say I am somewhat disappointed. However if i'm wrong and there is a good relation to the story that I missed out, I will update this accordingly.

If anyone knows the relation, do inform me!

[Update!] Indeed there is a link to the story. Yu Jin surrendered to Guan Yu in the story and thus left Wei for Shu. For his ability, it does leave him completely susceptible to Guan Yu's ability, where all his red cards are ATTACK.

Additional info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - After surrendering to Guan Yu, Yu Jin seemingly had his allegiance to Shu Kingdom, but it was believed that he simply wanted to stay alive so as to return to Cao Cao's side someday. This is very similar to Guan Yu joining Cao Cao's side for a period of time before returning to Liu Bei 刘备. However after Guan Yu was defeated by Lu Meng 吕蒙, Yu Jin again surrendered to Wu Kingdom 吴国, where he became the subject of ridicule for a period of time. Eventually, Yu Jin managed to return to Wei Kingdom when Cao Pi 曹丕 declared himself Ruler and Wu Kingdom became allies. Yu Jin was "returned" to Cao Pi, but by then Yu Jin was a already an old man.

2. Cause of death - Cao Pi gave Yu Jin a chance to still serve in the Wei military, but asked him to first pay a visit to the tomb of Cao Cao. Upon arriving at the tomb, he saw the carvings in Cao Cao's tomb that depicted a shameless Yu Jin bowing down to Guan Yu whilst a heroic Pang De being executed. It was a reflection of Cao Cao's feelings of sorrow and betrayal when Yu Jin left Wei for Shu. Yu Jin was so grief-stricken by the carving that he fell ill and never recovered. He died before serving another military campaign in Wei.

Wiki Link:
Yu Jin Wiki


  1. It is kind of fitting that Guan Yu can essentially always hit him when he uses his ability.

  2. Is Yu Jin's enforced ability treated as if he had the REN WANG SHIELD equipped as Younger Zhuge Liang and his 8 TRIGRAMS shield, or is it simply treated as a seperate ability? Essentially, is Yu Jin susceptible to the BLUE STEEL BLADE?

  3. His ability is not susceptible to the blue steel blade unlike young zhuge liang.

  4. Yu Jin's ability is not negated by the Bluesteel Blade. It's not an armor; it's an ability.

  5. "Resolute" is related to the Battle of Wan Cheng:
    After Cao Cao was defeated by Zhang Xiu, lost his son Cao Ang and General Dian Wei and retreating from Wan Cheng, there came the rumor that Cao Cao's Main Base was under a rebellion;
    And soon after, there was the news that Yu Jin was leading a massive troop towards Cao Cao's excausted army. Cao Cao was really frightened(maybe the first time in his life) that he may be GAMEOVER if Yu Jin was also in the rebels. the rebels kilometres away and rescued Cao However what Yu Jin actually did was elimating Cao's army from enemies' another round of attack--in a very short time between the two news.Finally, Cao Cao acknowledged Yu's loyality and his steady,well-organized, "resolute" millitary talent.

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  7. I don't think Yu Jin ever joined Shu, he was just imprisoned at Jiangling. His san guo zhi bio says he surrendered to Wu but Lu Meng's (or Sun Quan's, I don't remember) says he was 'found' [imprisoned]. The embarrassment came from him surrendering instead of fighting 'to the death' like Pang De (who, after his remaining men were killed, was captured and executed for trying to escape capture). So it may have been a "bravery" thing, not a "loyalty" thing. Some people think that it might have been an attempt to deplete Guan Yu's food supply since the battle was already lost.

    Though him joining Shu makes for a better story as a parallel to what Guan Yu did before Guandu.


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