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Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Official Expansion: OverKnight Fame

Posted by Ricky Chua On 12:39 PM 13 comments
There is democracy in China. The official makers of SGS decided to listen to the game players and created an interesting competition:

"Challenge everyday game players throughout China to create their own SGS characters and abilities, and the winning entries make it into the real SGS game."

And that was exactly what happened.

After 3 months of sifting through entries, balancing out the abilities and creating new artwork, YOKA has finally released the "Player-created" official expansion pack:

三国杀 "一将成名" 扩展包 
SGS "OverKnight Fame" Expansion Pack

[Translation Note: I have translated the name of this pack as "OverKnight Fame" to keep up with the wordplay of the words "一将成名". The chinese name for this expansion 一将成名 is derived from the phrase 一夜成名 which means "overNIGHT fame". The probable reason for this is to give credit to the winning contributors who might be famous overnight in the SGS community due to their winning entries (?).]

The OverKnight Fame (OKF) Expansion consists of a whopping 11 new characters! I shall be blogging about each of these new characters once I get my hands on this expansion pack. Rest assured that blogging about official cards take precedence over the unofficial cards.

The SGS BlogShop will have the OKF Expansion Pack within the next 2 weeks. In fact they are on their way over here as we speak, so keep checking back on this blog regularly!

Till then... 杀! 杀! 杀!


  1. excellent translation for that!

  2. Just bought the pack here in Beijing. Looks interesting, but one character has red life points. Any idea why?

  3. Can you translate these before the unofficial? And you'll update the manual?

  4. Greg: That particular character is the famous 徐庶 Xu Shu who was held under duress by Cao Cao to leave Liu Bei. Xu Shu reluctantly joined Cao Cao in Wei kingdom (thus the blue background) but his allegiance was always with Shu kingdom and Liu Bei. He never gave any advice to Cao Cao whatsoever.

    That is why his allegiance in this game pack is actually Shu with red life points, but they gave him a blue background.

    I love the attention to detail in this game so far. Genius don't you think?

  5. Anon: Yes i will definitely translate these before the unofficials. The manual will be updated as well.

  6. Ricky, very cool indeed! I've just started reading 3 Kingdoms now, and am on the first of 4 English-translated novels.

  7. When are the cards for this expansion arriving? I would like to make a purchase.

  8. will these cards be available laminated from your shop?

  9. These cards will be arriving within this week.

    Calvin: Yes they will come laminated as well as non-laminated.

  10. Does this mean people who bought the manual before will receive a updated version with these new characters? Thanks!

  11. Hi ricky,

    My ace spade 决斗 got damaged in the process of playing. Do you sell this specific card?


  12. Hello,

    I don't know if you've already received the new extension, but I've found a link in chinese where all the cards are described.

    I hope this helps.

  13. Soory, forgot the link...


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