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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Líng Tǒng 凌统

Posted by Ricky Chua On 8:38 AM 2 comments
Translated description:
The persona of a Minister 国士之风 (guó shì zhī fēng)

Who is he: 
Historically, Ling Tong was one of the most important generals under Sun Quan 孙权's command. Yet in the semi-fictional ROTK story, Ling Tong was not given much airtime. Ling Tong was put in as high regard as Lu Meng 吕蒙 and Gan Ning 甘宁, and succeeded in numerous battles as well. He is also one of those that is well remembered for having saved Sun Quan's arse from certain defeat. In his latter days, Ling Tong not longer took to the frontlines, but instead became a successful strategist and advisor to Sun Quan.

An interesting side story is his grudge against Gan Ning. When Ling Tong was 15 years old, his father was killed by Gan Ning. At that time, Gan Ning had yet to cross over to Sun Ce's side and in an odd-twist of fate, Gan Ning fired a stray arrow that struck down Ling Tong's father. That grudge nearly boiled over later on as Ling Tong and Gan Ning took to swords to settle the score, but was mediated quickly by onlookers.

Character ability: Justice Upheld 重义 (zhòng yì)
When you lose your last on-hand card, you can immediately draw as many cards from the deck as you have units of health remaining.

Ability's relation to story:
So he was a righteous person, no doubt. But how that ties in to his ability is anyone's guess. No relation is seen here!

Additional Info based on story:
1. Most famous achievement - Saving Sun Quan from certain death at Xiao Yao ford 逍遥津. Under a sudden attack by Zhang Liao 张辽, who had brilliantly cut off Sun Quan's escape route, Sun Quan was left with few troops to defend himself. Ling Tong rushed to the rescue with 300 of his closest soldiers and bought enough time for Sun Quan to escape. Ling Tong paid a very high price though. All 300 of his troops, which he regarded as close as family, were killed. Ling Tong himself suffered serious wounds but managed to escape by jumping into the water. He was later rescued by Sun Quan's boat, but Ling Tong was grief-stricken nonetheless.

2. Cause of death - His age when he died is unclear. It was either 48 or 28 years old. Strange. The way in which he died is confirmed. He died of illness on his way back to Sun Quan's side after returning from a trip home. It was during that trip back to his hometown that he gained fame for his humility and respect for the everyday people, despite his great stature as a highly regarded statesperson.

Wiki Link:
Ling Tong Wiki


  1. By 'lose' do you mean it is broken/stolen etc?
    Or can it be used as dodge or in a duel?

  2. It`s unclear since the card is unofficial.
    But if we put an analogy with the official characters Deng Ai and Lu Xun, then "losing cards" applies to ALL kinds of situations you can only imagine.


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