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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The first set of cards are finally ready!

These cards are made of PCV and will last you nearly forever. They are approximately the size of your credit card (and just as tough) and will fit nicely into a business card holder or album for neat storage.

Front side of the card depicts the avatar of the character for easy recognition, especially for those who don't know any chinese characters.

Rear side of the card shows "Allegiance, Health, Character name & Description", together with the ability name and description. Ruler characters will have the words spelled in gold fonts.

Order these cards in my blogshop!! Comments and suggestions welcome!!


  1. how much would these cards cost?

  2. The will cost US$7.90 for all 8 Woods Expansion characters, plus i'll throw in the 2 Demi-God characters free.

    Price inclusive of delivery.

  3. erm, do you deliver to australia?

  4. Is this available for purchase yet? Any update on the other expansions?

  5. This will be made available next week. There was some delay due to printing issues. :(

    The other expansions are in progress. I need to gather feedback about the 1st set of Woods expansion cards first before i print though. They should be made available early next month. :)

  6. Very cool, can't wait :).

  7. Avaiable to Brasil?

    there are any full-bandle pack with all the game expantions (no unofficial cards include)?

  8. I'm not sure if is still open for business. But I managed to pick up an extra ultimate pack. This includes every single official expansion. Let me know if you're interested and we'll see if we can work something out.


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